Language Offering on Sahaja Express

Translation is now available for Sahaja Express in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. If you are not familiar with Sahaja Express, you can find out more about this powerful self-realisation support on the Sahaja Express Homepage.

As many of the Sangha have not been able to enjoy Sahaja Express Satsangs due to language restrictions, we are delighted to offer translation on Sahaja Express into six languages via dubbing. 

The team has been working on this for a while and currently we offer a library of over 40 Sahaja Express videos as well as 2-3 translated retreats. For the languages, we will be adding one new Satsang as well as one Daily Contemplation each week.

Find out more:

~ French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian ~

All the languages are included in the regular Sahaja Express subscription (23€/month). For those who cannot understand English and would not benefit from the full Sahaja Express library, there is also a language-only offering available at a lower price of 15€ per month.

Those facing financial hardship can apply for a concession through our Kirpa Program here .

Language Pages on
In case you haven’t seen the language pages on, we felt to share that these are also a great way to see what is available for the ten languages we have listed there. The links are in the Footer (the bottom of each page) on