Hello Sahaja! Interviews

We are delighted to introduce Hello Sahaja! — a collection of insightful conversations with the team who support the worldwide sharing of Satsang with Moojibaba from Monte Sahaja. 

Those interviewed on this page are among the many who through Satsang and the spirit of selfless service have changed in deep and profound ways. As many serve behind the scenes, we rarely have the opportunity to hear from all. We hope you enjoy and resonate with these few words from them.  

Hello Sahaja! is part of a broader project called Voices from Satsang. This uplifting page offers interviews, talks and testimonials from people whose lives have been enriched by Satsang. We join them as they share their experience of participating in events around the world, visiting Monte Sahaja, and being and deepening in Satsang with Moojibaba.

Welcome to Voices from Satsang and Hello Sahaja!

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Much love,
Mooji Team