15 January, 1984 – 4 October, 2019.

Our Beloved Claire, 

We honour you and are in full gratitude for the time we were graced by God to share together here in Monte Sahaja these past three years. We honour your lightness, your boundless heart, your selflessness, and your dedication to your team members. We cherish those times in which we were together relishing your joy and your Irish wit. Your spirit is joy unbound. Even in difficult times, your presence touched us deeply and inspired us all to raise to higher levels within ourselves. We are still being showered in the blessings and grace of your pure presence. 

We miss you and love you. You remain alive in our Hearts.


Claire had an illness with a cough, and developed difficulty breathing. On Friday, an ambulance was called to her in the local village. On the way to the hospital, her condition worsened and she stopped breathing. Despite the ambulance team’s efforts to resuscitate, she passed away at 5pm on 4 October, 2019. 

The sangha of Monte Sahaja send all our blessings and prayers to Claire’s family. We continue to hold and to wrap ourselves around the heart of her beloved partner, Don, our sangha brother.

We are also holding in our hearts her beloved family in Ireland with whom we are one in grief.