We would like to let you know that our beloved sister, Nanda, left the body peacefully this morning in Alentejo, Portugal.

Nanda was one of Moojibaba’s very close disciples and at the heart of the Monte Sahaja family for many years. Nanda was a member of the main construction team but was always ready to help wherever she could. She often would find areas that required special attention. She worked closely alongside Moojibaba on many projects. 

Nanda was diagnosed with advanced cancer last year, which she fought with great heart and courage with her son, Ianis, and the sangha by her side. While she remained in Sahaja, there was almost always someone lovingly with her. The care and dedication of the sangha was commendable. Despite it all, her condition deteriorated significantly in the last while, which required her to be admitted to hospital for treatment and care; she also recently contracted covid which further contributed to her ailing health. Yesterday afternoon, she grew unresponsive and finally passed away in hospital in the early hours of the morning.

Over these many challenging months, Moojibaba remained in constant and close communion with Nanda in satsang; indeed, these deep and profound conversations sparked many opportunities of seeing and maturing within the sangha. Amazingly, the more her body grew weaker, the more her spirit soared to greater heights. With Moojibaba’s wisdom and grace, Nanda came through many times of great pain and suffering into true understanding and light. She was a great inspiration and her presence was felt as a darshan to those she came into contact with. Most profound was her steadfastness, trust and absorption in Moojibaba’s guidance. She was immersed in the continually flowing grace of satsang.

Our hearts, prayers, blessings and support are with Ianis during this difficult time. Nanda, we miss you, we love you, we honour you and we continue to embrace you inside our hearts. Farewell, beloved one.

Beloved one,
I’m ever with you — beyond beginnings and endings.
Remain in firm abidance in the limitless Self.
~ Moojibaba