In Loving Memory of Jaya Kate Rupal

16 January 1973 — 8 September 2022

Our dear friend and one of Moojibaba’s close devotees, Jaya Kate Rupal, left the body on Thursday, 8 September at 10.10pm. Jaya was one of Moojibaba’s earliest followers, first meeting him in 2006, and she continued to steadily grow in the heart of his pointings. She often visited him over the years in London and even travelled to India for his Satsangs there. An earnest seeker of Truth, she was also a devotee of Satya Sai Baba, Papa Ramdas and Ammaji. 

Jaya was diagnosed with cancer 15 months ago and her health declined more seriously in the last while. Moojibaba had illuminating and impactful conversations with her during the last few days of her life, and held her in prayer and blessing. It was evident that Jaya became increasingly and deeply absorbed in Moojibaba’s pointings to the very end. Her spirit and being became luminous. Some of the last words she shared with Moojibaba testify to her transcendence:

I don’t feel like I’m dying – it’s just happening.
I am eternal. I am not dying. I am everywhere. 
I am going nowhere and I never left you.
I always knew you. Nothing ends.

Sanjeve, Jaya’s husband, also shared these touching words: I know the body is going, but she is such a powerful spirit and powerful soul.

We hold Jaya inside our hearts with loving devotion and gratitude. Hers is an inspiring presence and example of one whose heart is turned towards the reality of God. We honour you, beloved one.