Message from Mooji about COVID-19

It is a challenging time for many around the world, and we would like to share with you some resources, especially a touching talk where Mooji addresses the growing concerns we face as a human race in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. In this message he offers great encouragement on the topic of fear, and shares guidance on how to stay true and wake up in this time of crisis.

“I see that this time, challenging as it is,
is also offering us a new path; a path of Grace.
Life is offering us an opportunity to go within.
The love of God serves every living being.
So Grace is here to guide us through difficult times.
I pray from my heart that each one will grow inwardly.
That we come to a higher level of life in the true sense.
That we see with more a unitive sense that we are one family,
living together with greater love and understanding.
Bless you, bless you, each and every one.”
~ Mooji

Guided Meditations, News and Resources
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Much love to you all,
Mooji team