Mooji Sangha Vibe ~ Creative & Joyful New Blog

We are delighted to welcome you to Mooji Sangha Vibe — a bright, bold, colourful explosion of creativity and joy from the Mooji Sangha family.

This blog is a home for the outpouring of creativity that is born from each one’s internal silent experience of That which Moojibaba points us to. It is an offering of love for our spiritual master, for each other and for Truth.

May you discover things that lift your spirit, touch your heart, silence your mind and help you sink into the vast depths of your being. May you discover beauty, inspiration, fellowship—and, in meeting one another, may you meet your very own Self.

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Sangha is a sanskrit word that means “community, association or company” and for us, Mooji Sangha simply refers to those who are drawn to self-discovery, to Truth through the guidance and pointings of Moojibaba. Anyone in Mooji Sangha is welcome to submit to Mooji Sangha Vibe here.