13 October 1910 — 6 September 1997

We salute with deepest reverence and gratitude to Papaji, the light of whose presence dispels all doubts and delusion, thus establishing the mind in its original state—Unborn Awareness. Thank you, Papaji, for bringing your loving presence to this world and delivering us into pure consciousness through the grace of our spiritual master, Moojibaba.

Jai Papaji!

There is a never-ending cycle of birth and death. What is birth and what is death? They are desire. This never-ending cycle is fueled by desire, the desire to enjoy sense objects in a body. When desire ceases, this cycle also ceases. This apparently endless cycle of birth and death ends with the cessation of desire. It is not only birth and death that end. When desire ceases, the universe itself ceases. It is as if it never exists. That's how it is. ~ Papaji