Quote of the day

19 August 2019

At the end of seeking, all is consciousness only.
The sense of being, the feeling ‘I am’
shines as the light of consciousness.
That one who is referred to as a sage
observes and knows the ‘I am’-presence,
which functions inside the body,
as the observing, sentient Being.
The sage observes consciousness operating.
As the state of deep sleep approaches,
consciousness begins departing
and the show comes to an end for the day.
Now, as the curtains close,
the light of perception dims
and the notion ‘I’ disappears.
The play of relationship ends.
Here, there is neither husband nor wife.
There is no world and no time.
That which remains wears no name.
It is pure awareness and it is your real Self.
Here alone is undisturbed joy,
complete rest—perfect harmony.
To come to this perfect and direct understanding
in the waking state is called liberation.