Quote of the day

2 April 2021

We are divine beings in a state of recovery, re-discovering our divinity, winning back ourselves from states of delusion. However, the mind is very much a key player in the drama called life, because without it, the consciousness cannot experience the necessary friction for transcendence to occur. And transcendence is the whole purpose of the game. It is a kingly game when seen with eyes of understanding. If you stay stuck in personhood, life will kick your ass. But if you are open to Truth, then you are continuously expanding into greater and greater seeing. Finally, you will exclaim, ‘I love this stepping out of the shadow of myself into the bright light of my Self.’ If my words are true, it is you who make them true. They come alive inside you because you listen inside your heart and accept them. Not just the words, but what they point to somehow recognises itself, and the stagnant, the suppressed, vanishes in the light of this real seeing. The serpent-mind loses its tongue in the presence of the real Self. You are the Self.