Quote of the day

9 December 2020

Don’t touch any thought, concept or feeling.
Don’t touch any intention.
Don’t touch past, present or future.
Leave everything aside.
Whatever you perceive or experience
are like clouds passing.
Observe them, but don’t log in to their energy.
If you look but don’t touch or identify
with anything you perceive,
can you be distracted from what you are?
Simply stay empty as you naturally are.
If everything that you perceive
would be taken out or erased,
to the very last thing,
is there not something remaining
that cannot be touched or removed?
Bring your attention to this right now
and you will perceive and know
the most natural thing in you,
that which you can never not be
—pure, unchanging awareness.
Enjoy proving this to yourself again and again
to your heart’s delight.