Live Translation

Silent Retreats with Mooji at Monte Sahaja

19 – 29 July 2017
9 – 19 August 2017

We are very happy to announce that we will offer live translations as a free add-on service for all the scheduled satsang sessions at both retreats in Monte Sahaja (all other activities and communications will be available only in English). The live translation service is offered by a team of devoted, non-professional interpreters. It is possible that some of Moojibaba’s words may be omitted or not translated correctly. We are aware of this, but we also feel that it is so helpful and valuable for many beings to understand the satsangs in their native language. However, Mooji’s own words always remain the highest reference.

Confirmed languages for the July Retreat: Português; Français; Español; русский.
Confirmed languages for the August Retreat: Português; Italiano; Deutsch; Română.

This service will be available both for the participants in Monte Sahaja and for those who are participating online.

  • Smartphone or tablet/iPad
  • Headphones compatible with your device

We kindly ask you to already install the following app onto your device to avoid queuing on opening day.

Install the VLC player app (free)

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