Strawbale Sessions ~ Live Music with Mooji Mala

Friday, 12 July at 17:00 Lisbon time

A joyful collaboration of musicians
from all around the world who are inspired
by the wisdom, grace and guidance of Moojibaba.

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Strawbale Sessions

We warmly invite you to join us for Strawbale Sessions, a live music offering from various sangha musicians on Zoom.


Strawbale Sessions is a collaboration of sangha musicians inspired by the wisdom, grace and guidance of Moojibaba. Each session, various musicians will play in The Strawbale House, the cozy Mooji Mala recording studio in Monte Sahaja, creating a beautifully eclectic and spontaneous offering that you can join on Zoom.

Strawbale Sessions is the true soul food that fills the heart with joy, light and freedom. We hope you enjoy!


Next Strawbale Session:
Friday, 12 July at 17:00 Lisbon Time

Pay As You Feel

Pay As You Feel

Strawbale Sessions is offered on a Pay As You Feel basis, with proceeds being in support of the worldwide sharing of Satsang.

About Mooji Mala Music

Mooji Mala Music emanates from the heart of Satsang with Mooji. The wisdom, grace and love that flows from Mooji’s presence guides us home to our true nature as blissful awareness Self — Mooji Mala Music flows from this place of pure awareness being and fills the heart with freedom, light and joy. Below are links to our music channels, as well as some recent music releases and favourite albums.

Some of our favourite releases…

Mooji Mala Music Channels

You can also find Mooji Mala Music on major platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify, including playlists on Spotify like Satsang Music and Bliss of Being which we hope you will enjoy.

May this peace, this pure joy and love, this great Freedom, become contagious again in our Human Family.

~ Moojibaba