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What is a Sangha Group?

The Sangha groups are a wonderful opportunity to come together in your local area and to be immersed in Satsang with Mooji. Being together in a Sangha group creates a powerful contemplative and introspective vibration which allows one to follow and assimilate Moojibaba’s pointings more easily and deeply. Each one grows in such beautiful and profound ways. Hundreds of Sangha groups are gathering all over the world, blossoming in the spirit of Satsang and Truth, and Moojibaba offers his full love and blessings to all these groups.

Whether you are sitting in Moojibaba’s physical presence or watching online, you are held in the same Satsang energy field. What is received directly from Satsang and from internalising the pointings is enough nourishment to flower in the Truth. There is no need to discuss or explain Moojibaba’s pointings further, and no one should be placed in a position of a teacher. If a burning question regarding the search for Truth remains unanswered, you can write to

The heartfelt intention of the sangha groups is purely and auspiciously to offer a way to connect with others in your local area who are also called by Moojibaba’s pointings. Please be aware that the sangha groups have no official affiliation with Mooji Foundation Ltd. or with any other Mooji organisations and do not represent Mooji in any official way.

The following guidelines are offered to support and assist groups to come together in the spirit of Satsang. They have arisen through our own experience of how to move harmoniously as a sangha group and we very much advise you to follow them. However, they are not obligatory and if something different is working well for your group, you may continue with that. Naturally, just as each person is different, each sangha group is unique in its expression but one in essence.

If you have any questions, please contact the International Sangha team at

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