Listed below are the sangha groups around the world that meet regularly to watch Satsang together. These groups keep the fire of Satsang alive in their towns. The sangha groups are a wonderful opportunity to come together in your local area to be immersed in Satsang with Mooji. More information can be found on the About and Guidelines pages. For any questions regarding the groups, or if your town is not listed, contact sangha@mooji.org.

Please be aware that the sangha groups have no official affiliation with Mooji Foundation Ltd or the other Mooji organisations and therefore do not represent Mooji in any official way.

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Bermuda | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Brasil | Bulgaria | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | Costa Rica | Croatia | Cuba | Czech Republic | Denmark | Ecuador | Egypt | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Guyana | Hong Kong | Hungary | Iceland | India | Israel | Italy | Kazakhstan | Kenya | Kyrgyzstan | Latvia | Lebanon | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Macedonia | Malaysia | Mauritius | Mexico | Moldova | Nepal | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Philipines | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | Serbia | Singapore | Slovakia | Slovenia | South Africa | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Syria | Thailand | Trinidad & Tobago | Turkey | Ukraine | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | Uruguay | USA | Venezuela

Buenos Aires
Contact name: Mahima
Email Contact: moojiargentina@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Argentina Facebook
Location: Please contact for information
Por favor escribir para pedir información
Contact name: Monica
Email Contact: cordobamooji@gmail.com
Cordoba, Traslasierra, Nono
Contact name: Dulcinea Rodriguez
Email Contact: mooji.traslasierra@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Traslasierra

Byron Bay Shire
Contact name: William & Vedika
Email Contact: moojisanghabyronbayshire@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha - Byron Bay Shire Facebook
Gold Coast/Queensland, Carrara
Contact name: Lucia Lagana
Email Contact: moojigoldcoast@gmail.com
North Queensland, Cairns
Contact name: Frank Burton
Email Contact: cairns.mooji@gmail.com
NSW, Newcastle
Contact name: Diane
Email Contact: newcastlemoojisangha@gmail.com
NSW, Repton
Contact name: Clare
Email Contact: bundagenMooji@gmail.com
NSW, South Coast, Bemboka
Contact name: Ak​shara
Email Contact: mooji.far.south.coastnsw@gmail.com
NSW, Sydney
Contact name: Dave
Email Contact: mooji.sydney@gmail.com
NSW, Wyndham
Contact name: Tree
Email Contact: begavalleymoojisangha@gmail.com
Victoria, Melbourne
Contact name: Pavitar Debra
Email Contact: melbourne.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Melbourne
WA, Perth
Contact name: Sue Miller
Email Contact: perthwa.mooji@gmail.com

Graz NEW
Contact name: Monika
Email Contact: mooji.graz@gmail.com
Contact name: Rob Glogovsek
Email Contact: innsbruck.mooji@gmail.com
Tirol, Woergl
Contact name: Angelika
Email Contact: mooji.tirol@gmx.at
Contact name: Barbara & Verena
Email Contact: mooji.austria@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Vienna

Antwerp, Zoersel
Contact name: Nitya Kristin
Email Contact: antwerp.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Belgium Sangha Facebook
Contact name: Patrick
Email Contact: moojibrussel@gmail.com
Web Site:  Belgium Sangha Facebook
Contact name: Sandra & Riet
Email Contact: moojighent@gmail.com
Web Site:  Belgium Sangha Facebook
Contact name: An van huyck
Email Contact: mooji.leuven@telenet.be
Limburg, Meeuwen-Gruitrode
Contact name: Chris & Robby
Email Contact: mooji.meeuwen@gmail.com
Web Site:  Belgium Sangha Facebook
Luxembourg, Bastogne
Contact name: Sylviane
Email Contact: moojibastogne@gmail.com
Web Site:  Belgium Sangha Facebook

Devonshire NEW
Location: Spirit House Retreat Centre
Contact name: Shanell Vaughn
Email Contact: bermuda.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: +1441-7039644

Contact name: Stela Kalii
Email Contact: sarajevo.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  ॐ Mooji - BiH Sarajevo - Banja Luka

Contact name: Ivone Lopes
Email Contact: moojisanghabrasilia@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Brasília
Guarantã do Norte
Contact name: Lilian Rubia Taveira
Email Contact: Sangha.guarantadonorte@gmail.com
Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte
Contact name: Eduardo Borges da Mota
Email Contact: moojisanghabh@gmail.com
Paraná, Curitiba
Contact name: Luiz Pura Luz
Email Contact: curitiba.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Curitiba
Pernambuco, Recife
Contact name: Florina Mongiovi
Email Contact: moojisangharecife@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Recife
Porto Alegre
Contact name: Márcia Mariano Naimayer
Email Contact: marciamn6@yahoo.com.br
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo NEW
Location: Rua Felipe Aché, Jardim São Luiz
Contact name: Dhyana Nagy Teodoro
Email Contact: ribeiraopretosp.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 55 16 997776268
Rio de Janeiro
Contact name: Gautama, Maria Inés e Camila Lobo
Email Contact: moojisanghario@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Brasil
Santa Catarina, Chapeco
Contact name: Mauro
Email Contact: chapeco.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Chapecó Brasil
Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo
Contact name: Maria Eugênia Bouguson
Email Contact: riopreto.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 55 17 99775-8284
Sao Lorenco NEW
Location: Centro
Contact name: Thyagi Das / Deusa Leonelli
Email Contact: moojisaolourenco@gmail.com
Phone Contact: (35) 3331-4817 (Dharma Yoga)
São Paulo (Aclimação)
Contact name: Jahnu (Deni Galdeano)
Email Contact: moojisanghasp@gmail.com
Web Site:  https://www.facebook.com/moojisanghasp/
SP, Campinas
Contact name: Ananda Liberato
Email Contact: campinas.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Campinas
SP, Santos
Contact name: Liz & Gyan
Email Contact: moojisanghasantos@gmail.com
SP, São José dos Campos
Contact name: Barbara
Email Contact: moojisangha.sjc@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha São José dos Campos-SP
SP, Ubatuba
Contact name: Elaine
Email Contact: ubatuba.mooji@outlook.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Brasil - Ubatuba SP

Sofia NEW
Contact name: Anadi & Dilyian
Email Contact: sofia.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Sofia Sangha Facebook

-Canada NEW
This contact is for the country wide Canada gatherings in which the Canadian Sangha's meet online weekly. Feel free to contact the email Below for more information.
Email Contact: mooji.canada@gmail.com
AB, Calgary
Contact name: Raj
Email Contact: moojicalgary@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Calgary Meetup
BC, Bowen Island
Contact name: Lindsay Lee
Email Contact: bowen.mooji@gmail.com
BC, Salt Spring Island
Contact name: Cate
Email Contact: ssimooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Salt Spring Island Mooji Sangha
BC, Victoria, Vancouver Island
Contact name: David Bruneau
Email Contact: victoriabc.mooji@gmail.com
NS, Enfield / Dartmouth
Contact name: Phyllis LaForest & Jeannine Saulnier
Email Contact: enfieldNS.mooji@yahoo.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Nova Scotia
ON, Minden / Haliburton County
Contact name: Evgeny & Andrey
Email Contact: minden.mooji@gmail.com
ON, Peterborough
Contact name: Rishi
Email Contact: peterborough.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Peterborough
ON, Toronto
Contact name: Ishana Mahima
Email Contact: mooji.toronto@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Toronto
ON, Trenton NEW

Contact name: Tim Deane
Email Contact: trenton.mooji@gmail.com
ON, Vankleek Hill NEW
Contact name: Sharon and Joni
Email Contact: vkh.mooji@gmail.com
ON, Wolfe Island
Contact name: Wendy Madore
Email Contact: wolfeisland.mooji@gmail.com
ON/QC Ottawa/Gatineau
Contact name: Bhakta , Aliya Ombiga
Email Contact: ottawamoojisangha@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Ottawa
QC, Montreal
Contact name: Lise-Anne
Email Contact: mooji.montreal@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Montreal Sangha - français english
QC, Sherbrooke
Contact name: Martine and Rachel
Email Contact: mooji.sherbrooke@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sherbrooke Sangha
QC, Val-David
Contact name: Sujati & Swarupa
Email Contact: mooji.valdavid@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Val-David

Contact name: Sandra & Johi
Email Contact: santiago.moojisanghachile@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Chile

Guangdong, Guangzhou
Contact name: Tingting Dongguan and Aja
Email Contact: guangdong.mooji@gmail.com

Medellin NEW
Location: Poblado
Contact name: Guillermo Ramirez R
Email Contact: medellin.mooji@gmail.com

San Jose, Escazu, Santa Ana, Heredia
Contact name: Uva Meiner
Email Contact: mooji.costarica@gmail.com

Contact name: Igor
Email Contact: mooji.zagreb@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Zagreb

Contact name: Mabel and Luis
Email Contact: moojisangha.cu@gmail.com

Contact name: Helena & Jana
Email Contact: mooji.czechia@gmail.com
Most NEW
Location: Nad Vinicí (Čepirohy)
Contact name: Radek Orisai
Email Contact: moojijiczech@gmail.com

Contact name: Frederik
Email Contact: Mooji.aarhus@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Aarhus
Contact name: Fredrik
Email Contact: mooji.Denmark@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Copenhagen
Middle of Jutland, Silkeborg
Contact name: Karin Nina Marding
Email Contact: mooji.silkeborg@gmail.com

Vilcamba NEW
Contact name: Tiffany & Kristof
Email Contact: ecuador.mooji@gmail.com

Contact name: Seba & Rania
Email Contact: mooji.egypt@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Egypt

Contact name: Kristel Ditmann
Email Contact: moojiestonia@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Estonia Facebook

Contact name: Tiina/Eerik/Milja
Email Contact: mooji.helsinki@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Helsinki Facebook
  Mooji Suomi (Finland)
Jyväskylä NEW
Contact name: Gila & Marjaana
Email Contact: jyvaskyla.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Jyväskylä Facebook
Uusimaa, Loviisa
Contact name: Jennie Philipponnat & Mari Pöyry
Email Contact: loviisa.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Loviisa
Varsinais-Suomi, Turku
Contact name: Sanna Remes
Email Contact: turku.mooji@gmail.com

Alpes Provence NEW
Contact name: Julie
Email Contact: sangha.alpesprovence@yahoo.com
Phone Contact: 06 35 27 40 02
Bourgogne Sud
Contact name: Jaana
Email Contact: jaana.lohff@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 03 85 34 32 79
Brest NEW
Contact name: Daniele & Sonia
Email Contact: commana.mooji@gmail.com
Cheval Blanc
Contact name: Rochas Sabina
Email Contact: sudestfrance.mooji@gmail.com
La Réunion, Saint-Pierre
Contact name: Marie-Annick & Claude
Email Contact: moojisanghailedelareunion@gmail.com
Web Site:  MOOJI Sangha Île de La Réunion
Landes d’Aquitaine, Luë
Contact name: Marie Dominique Monferrand
Email Contact: landes.mooji@gmail.com
Lyon, Guillotière
Contact name: Linda Bruckert
Email Contact: mooji.lyon@free.fr
Normandie, Caen
Contact name: Catherine
Email Contact: caen.mooji@gmail.com
Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bordeaux
Contact name: Françoise
Email Contact: sanghabordeauxaquitaine33@orange.fr
Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Brive la Gaillarde (Louignac)
Contact name: Prama and Ramprasad
Email Contact: brive.mooji@gmail.com
Nouvelle-Aquitaine, La Rochelle
Contact name: Géraldine
Email Contact: larochellemooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  LaRochelleMooji
Contact name: Ranya & Marie
Email Contact: paris.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Paris
Contact name: Althea & Myriam
Email Contact: sanghapau.mooji@orange.fr
Contact name: Caroline Postlethwaite
Email Contact: sorede.mooji@gmail.com
Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA), Nice
Contact name: Marie
Email Contact: nice.mooji@gmail.com
Saint Germain en Laye, Ile de France, Yvelines NEW
Dates:   Gatherings are organized around Mooji's live satsang schedule
Location: Life Space, 1 Place André Malraux 78100 ST GERMAIN EN LAYE
Contact name: Jeanne Wilmot
Email Contact: yvelines.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Fecebook: Mooji France
Contact name: Annie kocher
Email Contact: strasbourg.mooji@gmail.com
Tarn, Gaillac
Contact name: Laurence
Email Contact: gaillac.tarn.mooji@gmail.com
Vaucluse NEW
Location: Avignon / Cavaillon
Contact name: Sabina Rochas
Email Contact: sudestfrance.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 06 62 66 83 63

Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen
Contact name: Mahalakshmi & Indiradhanu
Email Contact: tuebingen.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji-Sangha Tübingen
Contact name: Reinhard Hummel & Andrea Franzel
Email Contact: bamberg.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji's Love
Bavaria, Munich Solln
Contact name: Beatrice Bludau
Email Contact: moojisangha.munich@t-online.de
Contact name: Satvi, Dagmar & Thomas
Email Contact: moojisanghaberlin@gmail.com
Berlin Brandenburg NEW
Contact name: Martin & Tabea
Email Contact: berlin.brandenburg.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Facebook Berlin-Brandeburg
Braunschweig NEW
Contact name: Sylvia & Georg
Email Contact: braunschweig.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Nitya
Email Contact: mooji.bremen@gmail.com
Contact name: Christine
Email Contact: Giessen.Mooji@Gmail.com
Contact name: Susanne and Anne
Email Contact: mooji.hamburg@gmail.com
Hessen, Frankfurt
Contact name: Ilona , Peter and Christina
Email Contact: frankfurt.mooji-sangha (at) web.de
Niendorf/ Ostee
Contact name: Margund Eggebrecht
Email Contact: niendorf.ostsee.mooji@gmail.com
NRW, Cologne
Contact name: Anne & Prisha
Email Contact: mooji.cologne@gmail.com
NRW, Dortmund
Contact name: Abdessamad Ayachi
Email Contact: nrw.moojisangha@gmail.com

Contact name: Thomas
Email Contact: nuermberg.mooji@gmail.com
Saarland, Saarbrücken / Bliesgau
Contact name: Sushila &Jayananda
Email Contact: mooji.saarbruecken@t-online.de
South of blackforest, Lörrach/Basel
Contact name: Ingo
Email Contact: mooji.blackforest@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Blackforest
More Information: 
(Note that we are close to Switzerland)
Stuttgart NEW
Contact name: Paulene
Email Contact: stuttgart.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Facebook Stuggart

Athens, Helioupolis
Contact name: Mirella Gyata
Email Contact: athena.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Athens
Crete, Heraklion, Amiras
Contact name: Anja Abinaya Hettich & Kostas Siddhart Semkos
Email Contact: mooji.southcrete@gmail.com
Crete, Kamilari
Contact name: Geli Danilatou and Thomas Bisewski (Bodhi)
Email Contact: mooji.crete@gmail.com

Contact name: Merlene Yearwood
Email Contact: moojisanghaguyana@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Guyana

Hong Kong NEW
Contact name: Ganga Giri & Prabhjot
Email Contact: moojihk@gmail.com
Phone Contact: Ganga Giri
6140 8761
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha HK Facebook


Contact name: Serena
Email Contact: hungary.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: +36705772703
Web Site:  Facebook: Mooji Magyarország
Contact name: Szeréna Szentesi & Devdas
Email Contact: mooji.budapest@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Magyarország
Nyíregyháza NEW
Dates:   As announced on Facebook
Location: Nyíregyháza (full address on request)
Contact name: Zoli
Email Contact: mooji.nyiregyhaza@gmail.com
Phone Contact: +36‎209155224
Web Site:  Mooji.hu
  Facebook: Mooji Magyarország

Reykjavik, Hafnarfjörður
Contact name: Kristján Hans Óskarsson
Email Contact: mooji.iceland@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Iceland

Contact name: Anandi & Amba
Email Contact: bangalore.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  anantasatsang.org
Contact name: Neetu
Email Contact: chd.neetumooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Chandigarh
Delhi NCR/Gurgaon
Contact name: Rohini and Sujata
Email Contact: Moojisangha.india@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Delhi
Contact name: Charu
Email Contact: kanpur.mooji@gmail.com
Kolkata NEW
Contact name: Pradeep
Email Contact: kolkata.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: +919830050423
Mumbai NEW
Dates:   Weekly satsangs on every Sunday. (Audio only)
Time: 10 to 12 Am
Location: Anand mangal hall, Kandivali -west, Mumbai.
Contact name: Deva
Email Contact: mooji.mumbai@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 9819864470 (Deva)
New Delhi, Green Park
Contact name: Vineet
Email Contact: greenpark.moojisangha@gmail.com
Punjab NEW
Contact name: Puneet Sidhu
Email Contact: punjab.mooji@gmail.com

Phone Contact: +917837494916

Mitzpe Ramon
Contact name: Alon & Ziv
Email Contact: mitzpe.mooji@gmail.com
Tel Aviv NEW
Location: Florentine
Contact name: Boaz, Haim & Or
Email Contact: israel@mooji.org.il
Web Site:  Mooji Israel Facebook

Cefalu, Sicily NEW
Contact name: Harvey & Deborah
Email Contact: cefalu.mooji@gmail.com
Napoli (San Paolo Bel Sito)
Contact name: Immacolata Vastarella
Email Contact: napoli.mooji@gmail.com
Palermo NEW
Contact name: Noemi
Email Contact: palermo.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Cristiano Zauli & Elisa Martinelli
Email Contact: mooji.sanghaassisi@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Assisi Sangha
Contact name: Riccardo Rupesh D’errico
Email Contact: elba.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Barbara Babyra Ottaviani
Email Contact: mooji.roma@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Roma
Udine, Magnano in Riviera
Contact name: Nirmayi and Gautama
Email Contact: udine.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Kailash e Chiara
Email Contact: verona.mooji@gmail.com

Contact name: Naima & Jayani
Email Contact: mooji.ala.kz@gmail.com

Contact name: Elmer & Benson
Email Contact: nairobi.Mooji@gmail.com

Contact name: Elnura Matraimova (Akashi)
Email Contact: moojisanghabishkek@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Bishkek

Contact name: Ansis
Email Contact: riga.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji sangha: Latvija

Contact name: Fawaz Mourad
Email Contact: moojileb@gmail.com

All Lithuania
Contact name: Lukas & Aji
Email Contact: lithuania.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Lietuva
Contact name: Erika & Mantas
Email Contact: MoojiSanghaKaunas@gmail.com
Panevezys NEW
Contact name: Dalius
Email Contact: panevezys.mooji@gmail.com

Luxembourg, Sandweiler
Contact name: Marija Akasha & Sam
Email Contact: moojiluxembourgsangha@gmail.com

Demir Hisar
Contact name: Mony Valo
Email Contact: moojimacedonia@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Macedonia

Kuala Lumpur
Contact name: Jade Ong & YiQi Chen
Email Contact: malaysia.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Malaysia

La Gaulette NEW
Contact name: Trisha
Email Contact: lagaulette.mooji@gmail.com

Ajijic NEW
Contact name: Catherine & Denise
Email Contact: LakeChapalaSangha@gmail.com
Baja California Sur, San Jose del Cabo
Contact name: Maheshwari
Email Contact: moojisangha.mexico@gmail.com
Mexico City
Contact name: Amita
Email Contact: moojimexico@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha México
Nuevo León, Monterrey
Contact name: Lourdes Plata
Email Contact: monterreymexico.mooji@gmail.com
Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido
Contact name: Neelam
Email Contact: moojioaxaca@gmail.com

Contact name: Ina
Email Contact: moojimoldova@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Moldova Facebook

Contact name: Suprabhat Basnet
Email Contact: nepal.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Moo-ji Sangh Nepal
Pokhara NEW
Contact name: Dipika
Email Contact: pokhara.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 00977-9819161656

Contact name: Rene & Leo
Email Contact: mooji.amsterdam@gmail.com
Web Site:  Facebook Amsterdam
More Information:  Please note that meetings will be held at various locations.
Amsterdam ZO - Marianne
Amsterdam Zuid - Ciska
Amsterdam West - Sido, Somesh & Tessa
Amsterdam Noord - Leo
Amsterdam Oost - René & Viki

Friesland-Nij Beets
Contact name: Anja
Email Contact: friesland.nijbeets.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Dianne
Email Contact: moojisangha.groningen@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Groningen
Limburg, Heerlen
Contact name: Klazina Oosterveen
Email Contact: heerlen.mooji@hotmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Heerlen
Noord Brabant, Eindhoven
Contact name: Ingrid Gya
Email Contact: eindhoven.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Eindhoven
Noord-Holland, Haarlem
Contact name: Wilma Borst
Email Contact: haarlem.mooji@gmail.com
Noord-Holland, Heemskerk
Contact name: Astrid & Jago
Email Contact: mooji.heemskerk@gmail.com
Contact name: Linda
Email Contact: rotterdam.mooji@icloud.com
The Hague
Contact name: Ralph Blitz
Email Contact: mooji.denhaag@outlook.com
Utrecht, Zeist
Contact name: Deborah Welborn
Email Contact: utrecht.mooji@gmail.com
Vinkel NEW
Contact name: Trudy & Marga
Email Contact: vinkel.mooji@gmail.com
More Information:  In between Den Bosch and Oss

Contact name: Jen Laing
Email Contact: moojisanghaauckland@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha New Zealand
Christchurch NEW
Contact name: Tracey & Prabha
Email Contact: christchurch.mooji@gmail.com

Contact name: Brahmi
Email Contact: missinglinnkk@hotmail.com
Contact name: Anders Bye-Nilsen
Email Contact: oslo.moojisangha@gmail.com

Contact name: Simon Cordiner
Email Contact: cebu.mooji@gmail.com

Śląsk, Katowice
Contact name: Anna
Email Contact: moojikatowice@gmail.com
Web Site:  Sangha Południe
Contact name: Nitya & Joanna
Email Contact: poland.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Warszawa

Contact name: Kristin Charlesworth
Email Contact: benfeita.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Benfeita Mooji Sangha
Braga NEW
Contact name: James Ried
Email Contact: braga.mooji@gmail.com
Estoril NEW
Dates:   Sundays
Time: 18:00 or 19:00
Location: Monte Estoril
Contact name: Michelle Fannon - Shell
Email Contact: sanghalisboamooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 962.912.178
Madeira Island, Funchal
Contact name: Bettina
Email Contact: funchal.mooji@gmail.com
Odemira, Sao Martinho das Amoreiras – MSB
Contact name: Mahasri and Mahadev
Email Contact: moojisanghabhavan@mooji.org
Odemira, Sao Martinho das Amoreiras, VdV
Contact name: Val da Vinha Team
Email Contact: info@valedavinha.com
Web Site:  valedavinha.com
  Vale da Vinha

Contact name: Samiya, Nirmal and Teo
Email Contact: bucharest.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Romania
Cluj – Napoca
Contact name: Aris & Andrei
Email Contact: cluj.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Cluj
Contact name: Marius & Nicole
Email Contact: constanta.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Laura
Email Contact: iasi.romania.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Iasi

Email Contact: mooji.moscow@gmail.com
Web Site:  vk.com/mooji.official
  Mooji group in russian on Facebook
Primorsky Kray, Vladivostok
Contact name: Evgeniy
Email Contact: mooji.vladivostok@gmail.com
Web Site:  Муджи Санга Владивосток

Contact name: Jelena Nakic
Email Contact: moojisanghasrbija@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Srbija

Contact name: Jesmine & Alexander
Email Contact: mooji.singapore@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Singapore

Bratislava, Stupava
Contact name: Lenka Gitasri & Monika Bodhi Tara
Email Contact: mooji.slovaksangha@gmail.com

Contact name: Prija and Benjamin
Email Contact: moojislovenija@gmail.com
Contact name: Tina Božičnik
Email Contact: mooji.maribor@gmail.com

Contact name: Jayani
Email Contact: moojicapetown@gmail.com
Contact name: Pashianti
Email Contact: mooji.johannesburg@gmail.com and liesl.gini@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Johannesburg

Contact name: Gema Cortes
Email Contact: alicante.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Costa Blanca
Almería, Lucainena De Las Torres
Contact name: Lola
Email Contact: almeria.alhamam.mooji@gmail.com
Andalusia, Huelva
Contact name: Miranda Bungey
Email Contact: mooji.huelva@gmail.com
Andalusia, Orgiva (Granada)
Contact name: Catherine & Carly Manjusri
Email Contact: orgiva.mooji@gmail.com
Arenas de San Pedro NEW
Email Contact: avila.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: Mohan (Spanish): 677152097
Harmony (English): 647824770
Web Site:  Nayana Yoga
Arricife, Lanzarote NEW
Contact name: Stefan
Email Contact: mooji.lanzarote@gmail.com
Balearic Islands, Ciutadella de Menorca
Contact name: Anna
Email Contact: menorca.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Menorca
Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Sa Rapita
Contact name: Joan Francesc
Email Contact: mallorca.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Mallorca
Catalonia, Barcelona
Contact name: Swarupa
Email Contact: barcelona.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Catalonia / Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Girona, Figueres
Contact name: Miquel Colón
Email Contact: figueres.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Muntanyola (Osona)
Contact name: Mar y Wajo
Email Contact: osona.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Amics de Mooji
Catalonia, Tarragona, St Carles de la Ràpita
Contact name: Sonia
Email Contact: tarragona.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Amics de Mooji
Extremadura, Caceres
Contact name: Jose Félix & Angelica
Email Contact: caceres.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Sangha Càceres
Ibiza NEW
Contact name: Suki & Iris
Email Contact: ibiza.mooji@gmail.com
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Contact name: Dailos Batista Suárez
Email Contact: laspalmas.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Facebook Gran Canaria
Contact name: Pilar & Irene
Email Contact: madrid.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Madrid

Dalarna, Stjärnsund
Contact name: Ashtatara
Email Contact: stjarnsund.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Stjärnsund
Eskilstuna NEW
Location: Kropp & Själ, Strandgatan 5
Contact name: Susanne Bryngelsson
Email Contact: eskilstuna.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 0046702753643
Contact name: Ewa
Email Contact: goteborg.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sanga Göteborg
Contact name: Annika & Marina
Email Contact: malmo.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Malmö Skåne Sweden
Contact name: Parmita (Katta)
Email Contact: mooji.stockholm@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Stockholm
Värmland, Molkom
Contact name: Niclas & Helen
Email Contact: angsbacka.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Ängsbacka Sweden

Basel NEW
Location: Lörrach
Contact name: Ingo
Email Contact: mooji.blackforest@gmail.com
More Information:  Please note that there is no group in the city of Basel. The group is in Lörrach, Germany on the border with Switzerland; around 30-50 minutes away from Basel via train or car.
Geneva NEW
Location: Plan-Les-Ouates
Contact name: Sandrine
Email Contact: geneve.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 078 653 7712
Luzern NEW
Contact name: Kristina
Email Contact: Luzern.mooji@gmail.com
Seeland – Täuffelen, Ins NEW
Contact name: Claudia & Simone
Email Contact: seeland.mooji@gmail.com
Valais, Sion, Grimisuat
Contact name: Sophie Cartier
Email Contact: sionsangha.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Jayasri
Email Contact: mooji.zurich@gmail.com

Contact name: Tasnim Alkassem
Email Contact: damascus.mooji@gmail.com

Koh Phangan NEW
Location: La casa Shambala
Contact name: Raquel & Santosh
Email Contact: kohphangan.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Charmenee
Email Contact: Mooji.thailand@gmail.com

San Fernando
Contact name: Eva Romana Gheorghe
Email Contact: sanfernando.mooji@gmail.com

Contact name: Hu Divya
Email Contact: istanbul.mooji@gmail.com

Kiev NEW
Contact name: Yuriy
Email Contact: Kiev.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Nitya & Arthur, Aseem
Email Contact: odessa.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha (Odessa, Ukraine)

Contact name: Mahavir
Email Contact: dubai.mooji@gmail.com

Contact name: Heather Knowles
Email Contact: aberdeenshire.mooji@btinternet.com
Berkshire, Ascot
Contact name: Jacqui Macdonald
Email Contact: berkshire.mooji@gmail.com
Birkdale/Southport NEW
Contact name: Sara Lucas
Email Contact: Mooji.Birkdale@gmail.com
Contact name: Juliette
Email Contact: birmingham.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Facebook Sangha West Milands
Bristol NEW
Contact name: Alan
Email Contact: bristol.mooji@gmail.com
Cumbria, Windermere
Contact name: Saskia Halliwell and Gabriella Snoad
Email Contact: windermere.cumbria.mooji@gmail.com
East Sussex, Brighton
Contact name: Nirvana
Email Contact: brighton.mooji@gmail.com
East Yorkshire, Hull
Contact name: Vanessa
Email Contact: moojiyorkshire@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Hull, East Yorkshire
Essex, Southend
Contact name: Nikki Leggett
Email Contact: southend.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Southend Mooji Sangha
Contact name: Alison
Email Contact: exeter.mooji@gmail.com
Hampshire, Basingstoke
Contact name: Andy & Kuba
Email Contact: mooji.basingstokeuk@gmail.com
Lancashire, Preston North
Contact name: Berni Christensen and Lydia Robinson
Email Contact: preston.mooji@gmail.com
Contact name: Sutharshan
Email Contact: london.mooji@gmail.com
Manchester NEW
Contact name: Kaz & Beki
Email Contact: moojimanchester@gmail.com
Contact name: David Wright
Email Contact: spacetobemoojisangha@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Margate
Mid Cornwall, Perranporth
Contact name: Shivani Ruth Allen
Email Contact: perranporth.mooji@outlook.com
Web Site:  Mooji - Sangha of Christ consciousness
Northamptonshire, Northampton
Contact name: Debbie Botterill
Email Contact: northampton.mooji@outlook.com
Scotland, Ayrshire, Kilmarnock
Contact name: Lesley Hart
Email Contact: ayrshire.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Ayrshire
Scotland, Edinburgh & Fife
Contact name: Suvali Ma
Email Contact: edinburgh.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Edingurgh
Stonehaven near Aberdeen NEW
Dates:   One Saturday a month
Time: 2pm
Location: Stonehaven
Contact name: Heather Knowles
Email Contact: aberdeenshire.mooji@btinternet.com
Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds
Contact name: Satya Savitri
Email Contact: moojisuffolk.uk@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Suffolk UK
Wadebridge NEW
Contact name: Sue
Email Contact: wadebridge.mooji@gmail.com
Wales NEW
Dates:   Sundays
Time: TBA
Location: Just off the end of the M4 - (J49 Pont Abraham)
Contact name: Jacqui Brooks
Phone Contact: 07879780022
West Cornwall, Rosudgeon
Contact name: Orange
Email Contact: moojiincornwall@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji video satsang Cornwall

Canelones NEW
Dates:   Monthly: 2nd Sunday
Time: 9:30 to 12:00 am
Location: Solymar (Canelones)
Contact name: Carina
Email Contact: uruguay.moojisangha@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 598 94 276858

AZ, Phoenix
Contact name: Anandi
Email Contact: Phoenix.Mooji@gmail.com
Location: Cottonwood
Contact name: Brian Smith
Email Contact: livingsoftly@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 928 421-6206
CA , Sacramento NEW
Contact name: Meera
Email Contact: sacramento.mooji@gmail.com
CA, Central Coast, San Luis Obispo
Contact name: Rhadika
Email Contact: centralcoastca.mooji@gmail.com
CA, Julian
Contact name: Thomas Piskulic
Email Contact: julian.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 619-518-5298
CA, Laguna Beach
Contact name: James
Email Contact: lagunabeach.mooji@gmail.com
CA, Los Angeles
Contact name: Abudu
Email Contact: mooji.losangeles@gmail.com
CA, San Diego, Solana Beach
Contact name: Shara Eisen
Email Contact: sandiego.mooji@gmail.com
CA, San Francisco Bay Area
Contact name: Marie
Email Contact: sfbayareamoojisangha@gmail.com
CA, Santa Barbara
Contact name: Agatha
Email Contact: santabarbara.mooji@gmail.com
CA, Santa Rosa
Location: Junior College Neighborhood
Contact name: Jerry Cornacchio
Email Contact: santarosa.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 707-328-3146
CO, Denver
Dates:   Fridays
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm
Contact name: Jeff Mathias
Email Contact: denver.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 7204364568
Web Site:  Facebook, Mooji Sangha Denver
CO, Louisville
Contact name: Yulia
Email Contact: colorado.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Colorado
FL, Belleview
Contact name: Ruth Shaw
Email Contact: belleview.fl.mooji@gmail.com
FL, Miami
Contact name: Kiriam Diaz
Email Contact: miami.mooji@gmail.com
FL, Tampa
Contact name: Cherie Booker
Email Contact: tampa.mooji@gmail.com
GA, Atlanta
Contact name: Pragati
Email Contact: ATL.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha in Atlanta
HI, Honolulu
Contact name: Felix & Carmela
Email Contact: honolulu.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Hawaii
HI, Maui
Contact name: Manuela & Sabrina
Email Contact: moojihawaii@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Hawaii
HI, Pahoa
Contact name: Carla Radke & Bodhitara Searles
Email Contact: bigislandhawaii.moojisangha@gmail.com
Web Site:  Big Island Hawaii Mooji Sangha Group
IA, Ames
Contact name: John Lomen
Email Contact: iowa.mooji@gmail.com
ID, Sandpoint
Contact name: Peter
Email Contact: sandpoint.mooji@gmail.com
IL, Chicago/Evanston NEW
Contact name: Jyoti & Paki
Email Contact: chicago.mooji@gmail.com
MA, Boston
Contact name: Andy
Email Contact: moojimassachusetts@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Boston
MA, Worcester
Contact name: Satya Gasko
Email Contact: worcestermooji@gmail.com
MD, Baltimore, Coldspring Newtown
Contact name: Ben Baker-Lee
Email Contact: baltimore.mooji@gmail.com
MD, Cambridge
Location: Cambridge, Maryland
Contact name: Connie Corson
Email Contact: mooji.maryland@yahoo.com
Phone Contact: 1- 970 596-4836
MD, Washington DC metro area
Contact name: Laura, Sraddha
Email Contact: wdc.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha: Washington DC
MI, Ann Arbor
Contact name: Sandra Shanti
Email Contact: mooji.annarbor@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha - Michigan
MI, Plymouth
Contact name: Nancy
Email Contact: michigan.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha - Michigan
MN, Minneapolis-St. Paul
Contact name: Ava Yuliya
Email Contact: minneapolis.mooji@gmail.com
MO, Kansas City
Contact name: Jessica (Amulya)
Email Contact: KansasCity.Mooji@gmail.com
MT, Bozeman NEW
Contact name: Laura & Todd
Email Contact: bozeman.mooji@gmail.com
NJ, Washington NEW
Contact name: Devaprahba
Email Contact: washingtonNJ.mooji@gmail.com
NM, Albuquerque
Contact name: Deborah
Email Contact: albuquerque.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Albuquerque
NM, Santa Fe NEW
Contact name: Kirtan & Ivy
Email Contact: santafe.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Facebook Santa Fe
NM, Taos NEW
Contact name: Tara
Email Contact: taos.mooji@gmail.com
NY, Albany
Contact name: Patricia and Carole
Email Contact: albany.mooji@gmail.com
NY, Mid Hudson Valley, Accord
Contact name: ShivaRam
Email Contact: MoojiHudsonValleyNY@gmail.com
NY, New York City
Contact name: Joelle, Noah
Email Contact: nyc.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha NYC
NY, Westchester County, Katonah
Contact name: Laura Malfa
Email Contact: moojiwestchester@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Westchester
OK, Oklahoma City
Location: Windsor District
Contact name: Ivan Ponce de Leon
Email Contact: oklahomacity.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 405-420-5815
OR, Ashland
Contact name: George and Lorraine
Email Contact: ashland.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Southern Oregon Mooji Sangha
OR, Eugene
Contact name: Cheryl
Email Contact: moojisanghaeugene@gmail.com (
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Eugene
OR, Portland (WA, Vancouver)
Contact name: Ken Craig and Kayesha Bai
Email Contact: portland.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Pacific Sangha group
  Pacific Sangha community
PA, Orwigsburg
Contact name: Anissa Martell
Email Contact: oburgsangha@gmail.com
PA/NJ, Bensalem
Contact name: Brooke
Email Contact: philadelphia.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Mooji Sangha Philadelphia/New Jersey
TX, Austin
Contact name: Brian
Email Contact: austin.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Austin Mooji Sangha
TX, Dallas and Denton
Dates:   Announced via Facebook group
Time: Announced via Facebook group
Contact name: Maria Bridges
Email Contact: dallasmooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 214-587-5196
Web Site:  Facebook
TX, East Dallas NEW
Contact name: Kim
Email Contact: east.dallas.mooji@gmail.com
TX, Houston, Lake Livingston, East Texas
Location: Lake Livingston
Contact name: Michelle and Greg
Email Contact: houston.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 801.205.1955
Web Site:  Facebook, Mooji Sangha Houston
VA, Richmond NEW
Contact name: Taylor Vance
Email Contact: richmond.mooji@gmail.com
WA, Seattle
Contact name: Heather
Email Contact: seattle.mooji@gmail.com
Web Site:  Seattle Mooji Sangha
WI, Madison
Contact name: Charlene Stellamaris
Email Contact: moojimadison@gmail.com

Location: Santa Eduvigis
Contact name: Silvia Itriago
Email Contact: caracas.mooji@gmail.com
Phone Contact: +584141359911

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