Durge Durge

5 May, 2022 | 17:01 | Chant Sahaja

Sung by Samadhi and Chant Sahaja

Durge Durge is lively, upbeat chanting and celebration of the various forms and names of the Goddess Durga, the divine feminine principle or Shakti power through which all manifestation arises within pure formless consciousness. The various names of the Divine Mother represent her qualities or aspects, that manifest as love, bliss, power and liberation.

Durge Durge
Durge Jai Jai Ma

Jai Durge Durge
Durge Jai Jai Ma

Karuna Sagari Ma
Kali Kapalini Ma
Jagadodharini Ma
Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma

Durge Durge
Durge Jai Jai Ma

Prem Swarupini Ma
Ananda Rupini Ma
Shakti Pradayini Ma
Mukti Pradayini Ma
Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma

Om Narayini Durge Jai Jai
Om Narayini Kali Jai Jai

Om Narayani Om Narayani
Om Narayani Om

O Mata O Durge
O Mata Bhavani Durge Jai

Om Saraswatyai Vidmahe
Brahmaputrai Dhimahi
Tanno Devi Prachodayat


Samadhi – Lead Vocals & Manjira
Mahababa – Vocals & Harmonium
Mohan – Vocals, Manjira & Khartal
Thor – Dholak


Chant Sahaja is authentic, traditional chants and bhajans from Mooji’s sangha in Monte Sahaja, Portugal. This live kirtan, a joyful call and response singing of different names of God—the Supreme Self—carries us back into the silence of our Being.

Chanting bhajans, reciting mantras, praying and singing praises to the Supreme are effortless yet powerful ways to surrender the ego and merge with God. Chant Sahaja arises from the heart of Moojibaba’s Satsang and is imbued with his grace and presence. It is our great joy to share this offering of love with you.