Everything a Sage Says Is to Set You Free — Mooji on grief and the purpose of existence

19 Jul, 2018 | 35:10 | Pain, Anxiety, Grief & Loss

During this profound Satsang, Moojibaba sheds light and wisdom on the topic of grief and the experience of duality.

“You say, ‘But why the body?’

As you begin to recognise more deeply your true self, you’ll find that this is a magnificent existence. It’s so rich, it’s so permeated with the spirit of God. Every atom is dancing with that.

As you come into that deeper understanding, all the atoms become like angels in your being — they are supremely happy. I can only tell you from what is here.

You find the thing that you are wearing this body to find! Nothing that the sage says is to lock you down, but more to set you free. Everything is to set you free.”


Excerpt from the Satsang, Why Still Preparing When the Lord Is Already Here?

Recording in Monte Sahaja, Portugal
30 May 2018

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