From Anger to Awakening

16 Nov, 2022 | 37:00 | Exercises and Guidances

A questioner shares that anger is a frequent theme in her daily life at the moment and seeks guidance on how to deal with it.

Using love, compassion and directness, Moojibaba shows the relationship between this feeling and one’s personal identity. Through the Invitation to Freedom, he points to that in us which is eternal, unchanging and ever free.

“Most human beings have no idea that there is a space beyond our person. Satsang is for this, if you open right now to see where I am speaking from and to. If you want to verify for yourself, are you up for this exploration?”

23 October 2022


Upcoming Online Awakening Retreat with Mooji (30 Nov – 4 Dec 2022)
Registration open until Sunday, 27 November

We are very happy to share that there is a 5-day Online Awakening Retreat with Mooji taking place 30 November – 4 December, 2022. This retreat is offered for mature and earnest seekers who have been in Satsang for some time and are deeply familiar with Moojibaba’s pointings, especially An Invitation to Freedom and what it reveals in you.