“Hardships Have Come, But I Know My Still Place of Peace”

19 Apr, 2020 | 08:32 | Family, Work & Daily Life | Mooji Answers

Mooji reads a testimonial from a family who report that, despite financial setbacks due to the COVID lockdowns, their experience of inner peace is stronger than ever. This triggers some beautiful contemplations from Mooji regarding the nature and purpose of hardships in life.

“Trying times are nothing new to this planet or to the human beings of this Earth. It is as though the human spirit needs the pressures, the challenges, in order to evolve, to grow, to mature. I see this as a gift from God.

Nobody can put a price on peace, joy, stillness and contentment. This is the real wealth of the human experience. All this is the wealth we are missing while we pursue perishable things.

The wise person asks, ‘Don’t give me things, but burn away that which is impure in me. Let me be rid of this impurity so I can be merged in the Supreme Self of the Universe.'”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
2 April 2020