“Help Me to Go Home Before I Go Home”

7 Mar, 2019 | 24:26

Spontaneous Satsang with Mooji
2 March 2019
Rishikesh, India

This talk with Moojibaba is immediate guidance to come to the clarity that many are seeking. A spontaneous meeting happens when someone asks to be taken home before they leave to go home. Mooji elaborates on what does that really mean?

“When I speak with you we don’t waste our words—this going home, or dying before I die, is one of the most beautiful things, but the mind sees it in a very superficial way. To die before I die means to be free from bad thoughts, wrong concepts, and so that whatever happens is the will of God. Whatever happens you know it’s right, because that is your attitude. To reach such a state of certitude in your heart means you have transcended your mind.

Leave your life and watch it unfold, feel your life unfolding, and then you’ll feel the life of God. Don’t touch anything.

If I have nothing more to say to you, is what I am saying now enough?”