Realise Your Self in One Hour!

4 Mar, 2019 | 1:18:19

Satsang with Mooji at the International Yoga Festival
4 March 2019

This beautiful and powerful Satsang takes place when Moojibaba visits the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan. Speaking with an audience of many who are coming to Satsang for the first time, Moojibaba presents the quintessence of his pointing with a clear and simple guidance.

“This was for myself the best way of spending this hour with you. What I have endeavoured to share with you is the quintessence of advaitic thought—many people have studied religion and spirituality for many many years. Many people say ‘I have studied spirituality for many years, but I have the knowledge, not the experience.’ Today I have endeavoured to share the experience of it.

If you can study something, but not live it, then what value is it? Belief is great, but it must convert into experience.”