“How Can I Help My Children Be Grounded in Turbulent Times?”

19 Apr, 2020 | 11:01 | Family, Work & Daily Life | Pain, Anxiety, Grief & Loss | Mooji Answers

A questioner writes in who finds themselves in a turbulent and uncertain situation, and despite doing all they can to create a peaceful environment at home they find the tension within their family steadily rising. They ask Mooji how they can help their children to be at peace during these turbulent times.

“If you are grounded, your children will be grounded. If you are not grounded, it’s quite likely you will pass on this kind of anxiety to them. Children are much more intuitive than they are into concepts, if they are young. They can sense more than they think.”

Mooji points out that having an open and honest conversation with one’s family can be much more effective than simply acting positive, if inside one is harbouring tension and fear.

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
1 April 2020