“I Cannot Confirm I Am That”

9 Apr, 2018 | 21:54 | The Invitation Toolkit

One questioner brings forward her doubt that although she can experience the state that Mooji is pointing to, she cannot confirm that she IS that, because she is still there to experience it.

Moojibaba asks us to look again, clarify our seeing, and find out whether or not this duality is real.

“It alone can sense itself.

Where has it been until you discovered it? Was it hiding out in Ibiza? Did it just come into being? No, you are waking up to something that has always been here.

A sense of separateness is there because for so long we have associated what we are with what is tangible. If you are the changing how can you verify what is unchanging?”


Excerpt from the Satsang:
The Buddha of Rio de Janeiro
Monte Sahaja, Portugal ~ 5 May 2017