You Are Forever Free

9 Apr, 2018 | 33:24 | The Invitation Toolkit

In this very beautiful and powerful excerpt, Moojibaba walks us through the journey of spirituality, into its very essence and heart. Through the power of the Invitation, we have been brought directly into the recognition of the Is-ness—pure, unstained, unchanging. But where does this insight fit into our daily lives, into the realm of change and duality?

“The person is a kind of off-shoot that arises from the sense of Presence—the Presence is always here, but if the person is developed very strongly then the Presence feels to be more distant. The person then seems to be the fact, rather than a role, a garment thrown over the Invisible.

Knowing the Is-ness, there’s not much more you need to know. Now, you must just marinate in it, and deepen. You must become what you know. You’re on the verge of the greatest discovering, the most fruitful existence. Don’t miss your chance!

If you hear me inside your heart, you are forever free.”

Moojibaba encourages us to listen to these words over and over again, until they fully awaken their power in our hearts.


Excerpt from the Satsang:
Even If You Never See Me Again, Honour What You Have Seen in Your Heart
Zmar, Portugal ~ 24 September 2017