Is Everything Predetermined?

15 Apr, 2015 | 26:30

I would like to see if we could come to the place that is totally beyond the concepts. ‘Not difficult’ and ‘Worth every moment’.
The conceptual realm causes so much trouble and the main glue to the conceptual realm is this unqualified ‘I’ feeling.
If you want to find out anything at all in this realm find out what the ‘I’ is.
Most spiritual effort is to create the shift of perspective from the limited realm of personhood into the state of Presence.
The state of Presence is synonymous with the sense ‘I Am’

A video extract from the Satsang DVD
‘Do You Want to Go All the Way to the Distanceless?’
London Silent Intensive, 7 November 2014

Music: ‘Shower of Grace’ by Omkara from the a lbum ‘Let Nothing Remain’