Jai Sahaja! – Chanting for Shiva (One Mantra Festival) – Full Concert

13 Mar, 2021 | 55:13 | Bhajans

‘Chanting for Shiva’ on Mahashivaratri Day ~ One Mantra Festival, 11 March 2021
The Jai Sahaja! bhajans group from Monte Sahaja joined musicians from around the world as part of a 12-hour online event, “Chanting for SHIVA – Mahashivaratri – Online” by One Mantra Festival, to celebrate Mahashivaratri with live chants and kirtans.

Mahashivaratri means “the great night of Shiva”. On this night, devotees of Lord Shiva stay awake chanting his name to overcome darkness and ignorance in one’s life and the world.
“In India, Lord Shiva is held the highest because Shiva represents pure Consciousness, which is the source of all the manifest universes, and is at the same time the very core and essence of all our lives. Today we honour Lord Shiva with Kirtan, Bhajans, and chanting mantras to show our appreciation for the auspisciousness for coming into existence with Lord Shiva’s name in our heart.”

To see to all the musicians who joined the the event, please go to the ‘One Mantra Festival ‘page:
Om Namah Shivaya
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