Krishnabai & Jai Sahaja! – Hare Krishna (Papaji Jayanti Bhajans)

19 Jan, 2021 | 09:01 | Bhajans

“Hare Krishna” sung by Krishnabai & Jai Sahaja! on Papaji’s Jayanti Day, 13 October, 2020 – the birthday of Sri HWL Poonja (Papaji).
The full bhajan session is available here.

Beloved Papaji, we give thanks for our divine fortune to meet you through our Master, Moojibaba—to meet and merge in the same pure awareness, wisdom and light of the Supreme Self.
Eternal gratitude and veneration to you, beloved Papaji.

Mooji Mala Music emanates from Heart Satsangs with Mooji.
It is true soul music that uplifts the spirit and fills the heart with love and joy. Enjoy!

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