Mooji on Negative Thinking

5 Jan, 2015 | 29:47

Spontaneous Talk, Monte Sahaja
20 December 2011
Music from “Beyond All Illusions” by Samadhi from CD “Take Me All the Way Home”
With Polish subtitles

If the veils could be pulled and you could see things as they are — in terms of our internal psychic organs — you would not stand them. You would go, “Whhaaaaa….OUT!” But because somehow they are merged, like the weeds grow up with the flowers, we don’t see them. And with a slow growth, a slow nurturing and maturing together, it’s like a mixture of sand and sugar. They say, the wise ant takes the sugar and leaves the sand untouched. But sometimes we can’t tell the difference. With observing, investigation, clarifying, all these things get burnt. Use these energies of negative thoughts as coordinates to establish your true position.