Now You Must Find the Spirit of Zero

18 Feb, 2020 | 2:17:50 | Rishikesh 2020

Open Satsang with Mooji
Rishikesh, India
13 February 2020

From the start of this Satsang, Moojibaba points directly to our natural observing power and how our timeless being is right here. We are invited to use all the disturbances that come from the mind as an opportunity from Grace to refine our seeing.

“You are transcending back to yourself. Now you must find the spirit of zero. That is the highest.”

The Satsang ends with the ‘Invitation’ exercise, as Mooji guides us into the direct knowing of our true Self and the discovery that it is here before any practice. “I would call it a divine grace mirror in which the timeless is perceived.

If you have really listened and followed, it will burn all your questions.”


Live music before Satsang performed by Omkara Piazza & Brahmdev Malewicz

1) “To Love God With All One’s Heart” by Omkara (live version available on Mooji Mala YouTube channel)

2) “Remember” by Omkara, from the album “From the Silence” by Omkara

Song after Satsang: “Satnam Wahe Guru” (traditional) sung by Radha Raychaudhuri, from the album Sahaja Samadhi by Radha