Reborn as the Self

22 Apr, 2017 | 28:18

On Easter Sunday, Moojibaba reflects on the the teachings of Christ:

What did Jesus mean when he said ‘In order to experience the kingdom of God, a man has to be born again’ ..? What is this born again?

“Each human being has to die to themselves, to really experience who we truly are, despite our conditioning.

My pointings aim to get you to die to what you are not and to awaken to what you can never not be. And to be conscious of this. It is not an upgrading of your person, but the waking out of the sleep of personhood into timelessness.”

These beautiful pointings from Sri Mooji help us to realise our own true nature, that which is Timeless and Free.

Intro Music by Karuna, duduk flute playing before Satsang.