Remain in the Serenity of Your Own Awakening

8 Feb, 2018 | 1:34:21

16 January 2018

In the second session of Moojibaba’s recent visit to London he opens the floor to questions from the UK sangha.

“Has the is-ness faded from yesterday? Has it dropped? To identify personally is just habit. From the place of the is-ness what is the trouble?

All troubles in the world are person based. You are the timeless one, wearing the mask of change. Unlike time, you are not passing. So many things we can talk about, but by Grace you are bought to the quintessential understanding. This understanding is at zero.

Stay here in the place of your recognition. Outwardly move in the world as is your nature, but inside remain in the serenity of your own awakening and observe the greatness of God.”