Sanoja & Jai Sahaja! – Om Sri Ram Jai Ram

30 Jul, 2020 | 08:47 | Bhajans

“Om Sri Ram Jai Ram” by Omkara, performed by Sanoja and the Jai Sahaja! bhajans group. This song is available on the album ‘Bam Bhole Bhajans.’

“Om Sri Ram Jai Ram” was performed by Sanoja and the Jai Sahaja! Bhajans group on Guru Purnima on 5 July, 2020. Guru Purnima is an auspicious day to honour, celebrate and express our deep gratitude for the immense blessing of the Guru. The word ‘Guru’ has Sanskrit origins, meaning ‘the dispeller of darkness’, and such a one is a light unto this world.
The full concert is available on Sahaja Express.

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