Thank You Fear, for Exposing What I Am Not

9 Apr, 2018 | 20:39 | The Invitation Toolkit

In this excerpt, a questioner comes forward to expose that since the retreat has started, rather than a sense of opening, feelings of fear and constriction seem to be hindering his progress. The questioner explains that as soon as an insight dawns, it feels like the mind jumps in and interrupts it.

Moojibaba asks, “Is there any more space in that scenario, is there not a deeper space that is not trapped in the bubble of that scenario?”

“That space, like space, it doesn’t open and close. It’s just there.”

Moojibaba encourages us to use the fear to find out who is suffering it. “Keep looking, keep looking, and clean your house. Any time you wish to, you can do that.”


Excerpt from the Satsang:
Thank You Fear, for Exposing What I Am Not
Zmar, Portugal ~ 25 September 2017