The Golden Buddha

12 Jan, 2020 | 2:17:20

A special must see satsang! In this powerful exchange between Moojibaba and the Bangalore sangha, Moojibaba guides the whole room into a place of clarity with the invitation, and answers many universal questions. He uses a wonderful metaphor about a pure golden buddha, disguised in paint, to illustrate our true nature.

“We are 100 percent pure, painted with ego. It’s always been there but not seen.

To sit and bring the focus to rest on your own Being is the highest bliss.”

5 January 2020
Bangalore, India

Music after Satsang: “Tuja Saguna Mhano ki Nirguna Re” by Sant Dhyaneshwar Maharaj, sung by Radha Raychaudhuri and Athmika Menon. More music from Radha available from Mooji Mala.