The True Yoga of Life — Powerful Short Guided Meditation with Mooji

2 Sep, 2020 | 04:55 | Guided Meditations & Silent Sittings

In this guided meditation, Mooji encourages us not to be entangled in small, personal troubles that are exaggerated in our own consciousness. He reminds us that we are the light of consciousness that never goes out, and guides us to begin to appreciate our Self—the eternal One—thereby breaking the spell of separation.

“Our nature is freedom.Our perfume is peace, joy, wisdom, silence and love. We cannot even study or develop these, you’re only discovering that all this is ever present in you, masked momentarily by the fascination with personhood.”


This uplifting and inspiring short guidance is an excerpt from the Guided Meditation “You without ‘you’ — the Light of Consciousness.”
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