Walk in the Master’s Spirit, Not Just His Footsteps

18 Feb, 2020 | 2:52:59 | Rishikesh 2020

Open Satsang with Mooji
Rishikesh, India
15 February 2020

“Here today, it is always important to see how far we can come to the realisation of the Self.”

Moojibaba continues to guide us in this walk to freedom, sharing essential pointers and casting away misconceptions about the nature of Truth. Amongst clear pointings, Mooji shares a story about three disciples following their Master up a hill.

“It cannot just be mechanical stepping; at a certain point, the intuition comes, the feeling comes. It’s not just in the Master’s footsteps but in following his heart.

So like that I feel—all that I am, I am sharing with you. The quintessence of what I have found, I am sharing with you.

I am saving you a lot of trouble.”


Live music after Satsang: “Saguna Nirguna” (Bhajan) sung by Radha Raychaudhuri (not available at an album)


This Satsang is not currently available as a downloadable.