We’re At the Very Edge of Your Discovery, but Your Mind Is in the Chai Shop

24 Feb, 2019 | 2:13:57 | Rishikesh 2019

24 February 2019
Rishikesh, India

As we approach the closing of the second week in this full and rich season in the city of Rishikesh, Mooji continues to reveal the beauty of what is already here.

“Why are we pursuing this line of introspection?

When you come to that ultimate place which is right here, all the intentions of the mind and the identity behind it are seen as just the dance of manifestation.

It is seen that it is not a definition of what is here, and when this is known, unexpectedly, an unburdening takes place.

There is no conflict with life, life is expressed from here, and is caused from here. And this is the most touching thing I can tell you. For some strange reason, such a great joy, peace and love is radiating from here.”

Live music before Satsang:
Violin improvisation by Igor Malewicz and “Saguna Nirguna Bhajan” sung by Radha

More music by Radha here

Live music after Satsang:
“Rise Up” by Ashleigh Sweeney, performed by Ashleigh, George and Igor