What Can Be Aware of the What Is?

9 Apr, 2018 | 09:37 | The Invitation Toolkit

Moojibaba reads a letter about a doubt that comes up when following the questions in the Invitation. The questioner writes that while everyone else can confirm that the Is-ness doesn’t fade, to them it does seem to come and go as everything disappears, even awareness, in sleep.

Mooji points out that even in deep sleep, there is still a universal consciousness present.

“I can call it God, I can call it the absolute consciousness, pure unborn awareness. I can call it Allah, I can call him Shiva. I can call it such-ness, I can call it the Tao. I can call it the Supreme Being, the timeless existence, the eternal One.”


Excerpt from the Satsang:
You Are Not a Drop in the Ocean, You Are the Ocean in a Drop
Zmar, Portugal ~ 22 September 2017