“Why Do We All Get Lost, Life After Life?”

19 Apr, 2020 | 11:17 | Mooji Answers

Mooji reads a letter from someone who has experienced a profound realisation of the natural, effortless simplicity of Truth. Now they are wondering, ‘If it is so simple, why does God play this game with us? Why do we all get lost, life after life?’

“I don’t think God is playing with you, I think God is playing as you.

The obvious is only obvious when it’s obvious. We become lost because we want to go by our own light, our own experience. We are not open to find a synchronicity, to be in harmony with a higher power. We want to do it all by ourselves.

Your intellect is not great enough to fathom how life really works. For this, we have to surrender, we have to be humble, to give more time for introspection, to contemplate. Like this, we grow in wisdom and understanding.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
2 April 2020