You Must Be Strong

4 Nov, 2014 | 15:38

Satsang with Mooji, Zmar Silent Retreat, 19 September 2012, session 2.

“You must choose freedom. Don’t pretend: ‘Let’s see if it is working out.’ No. You must choose. Not ‘I want’… No! ‘I choose. I choose this!’ And let the consequences come because that is Truth. That is faith. That is trust. And work with that. Therefore, to each one, I say the same thing: Don’t back away. Don’t run away. Don’t give your mind this option. Don’t put it on top. Don’t respect mind. It is not your friend, not yet. It is not your guru, don’t listen to him.”

”I know these things, how they come – this powerful feelings inside the body. But still, even in the most powerful pulsations of the mind, the power and the presence of the Inner One can stay unshakeable.”

”Your attitude should be: ‘If you can take the body, take the body then. But can you take me? Can you take what I Am? Can you take what does not belong to you? Take if it belongs to you.’ This is walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Feel fear, but say Yes.”

Music: Om Namo Bhagavate by Monika and So Ham (Buhani) from the CD ‘Into the Deep Blue’