Your Highest Prayer Can Be Answered Today

23 Feb, 2020 | 2:45:54 | Rishikesh 2020

23 February 2020

As we come to the end of this second week here in Rishikesh with Moojibaba, we are reminded of the profundity of this opportunity and the rarity of the exchanges happening here.

“To come to this place, in my view, a place where you are now at the pinnacle of the research into the nature of yourself — I hold this to be the most important. To awaken to the Truth, not as a belief or as a hope but as a direct seeing.”

This is the invitation from Mooji, and he reminds us of its immediateness — “Why not see if your prayer can be answered today?”


Live music during Satsang: “Bir Nefescik Söyleyeyim” by Sufi Master Pir Sultan Abdale, performed by Shakti Komala

Live music after Satsang: “I Hear You Call” by Sangita & Prem, performed by Sangita Sweeney, Prem Sweeney, Brahmdev Malewicz & Omraj Dosoudil, from the album Rise Up – To the Most High Awakening, Vol. II by Mooji Mala