Extended Programs

Deepen in your Satsang with a longer stay at Monte Sahaja in Portugal

With a growing number of people affected by COVID-19 worldwide, we have closed Monte Sahaja. This means that we will not be offering the Guest and Extended Stay programs that were scheduled for the rest of 2020. It is also not possible to come for day visits or for a shorter guest stay. Even though some restrictions are now easing in Portugal, this closure is likely to remain in place for some extended time.
~ Updated 3 June, 2020

You can find the latest News, Resources, as well as Talks from Mooji on our COVID-19 page here.



The Extended Stay is a seasonal residential program for those who wish to be immersed in the energy field of a living ashram that supports genuine Self-discovery. It is a beautiful opportunity to deepen in Satsang while engaging in daily ashram life. Participants stay at Monte Sahaja in Portugal and take part in the ashram program, which includes daily ashram activities (see below). 

The Extended Stay is ideal for those who enjoy physical activity and a reasonable amount of physical fitness is necessary to participate. This program offers a limited number of spaces seasonally, with 3 – 4 programs each year ranging from 2 – 3 months in duration. 

Ashram Activities 
Everybody in Monte Sahaja moves in the inner attitude of seva. Seva means ‘selfless service’ and refers to action done without any expectation of an outcome, which can be applied to any aspect of life. Seva can itself be a powerful form of Satsang, as it is an opportunity to let go of our identification with the ‘doer’ and to directly experience that all actions are an expression of consciousness. This is a beautiful part of ashram life in Monte Sahaja, and everyone participating in this program will be involved with an ashram activity for a few hours each day.  

The activities offered as part of the ashram life are physical by nature and due to the hilly land and variable climate of Monte Sahaja it is important to be physically fit. Please take to heart your present physical condition if considering applying for this program. For information about other ways to visit Monte Sahaja and the next opportunities to be in Satsang with Moojibaba, please see Guest Stays and our Schedule page.

– The daily ashram program and contemplation time
– Daily ashram activities alongside our teams.
– Regular meetings with the Sangha to help make the most of your stay.
– The opportunity to deepen in Satsang by being immersed in daily ashram life.

The following points must be met to be able to participate in this program:
– Have a deep resonance and connection with Mooji’s teachings.
– Attended a retreat or Satsang intensive (physically) with Mooji. You can find out about upcoming events here.
– Have previously visited Monte Sahaja in Portugal for at least 1 week, such as for a Guest Stay.
– To be available for the full duration of the program (the length and dates stated on the application form). 
– Physically fit and healthy to fully participate in all of our ashram activities and be able to move about on hilly terrain in a hot/cold climate. 
– To be comfortable and willing to stay in simple accommodation such as a tent or dormitory, as accommodation is limited.

Please note that shorter stays and alternative dates are not possible for these programs.

– €15 – 30 per day depending on accommodation type.
– Includes all meals and accommodation. For accommodation options, you can enquire about availability during the application process.
– We have a concessions program where a limited number of scholarships are offered to those facing financial hardship. If you feel the need to apply for this, please enquire for more information during the application process.

Upcoming Extended Stay Programs

Spring, 2020
9 March – 27 May  ~ Applications now closed
13 April – 8 July ~ Cancelled

Summer, 2020
1 July – 7 September ~ Cancelled
31 August – 23 November ~ Cancelled

Please note that if there is an event with Mooji scheduled during the Extended Stay dates, participants will watch the live broadcast of the event in Monte Sahaja along with the Monte Sahaja team.

Please note that due to the current global situation, even though some restrictions are easing, it is not possible to visit Monte Sahaja at this time.