Letter from Monte Sahaja

Response to Rumours and Allegations about Mooji, the Sangha and Monte Sahaja in Portugal

We are reaching out in response to questions that come to us occasionally regarding some online rumours, slander and allegations about Mooji, the Sangha and Monte Sahaja, the Centre for Self-Realisation in Portugal.

A deep and heartfelt gratitude to all those who sent letters of appreciation, love, encouragement and solidarity at a time when hurtful accusations were being posted online. Our Sangha is a strong community of genuine, wise, inspiring and beautiful souls; nearly every country on this planet is represented in this great Sangha-field. We feel encouraged and uplifted by your response. Thank you.

The huge body of messages that we receive are in gratitude and appreciation of Mooji’s presence in the world and of the integrity, power and directness of his teachings. However, we have received some responses expressing doubts and concerns after viewing the negative content online. These rumours and distortions can be unsettling, especially to those who don’t have direct experience with Mooji, the Sangha or Monte Sahaja. We know first-hand that these claims are untrue and bear no resemblance to life in Sahaja nor to our beloved Moojibaba. Our love, dedication and commitment to serve the worldwide Sangha compels us to share this letter in honour of them.

Some of what you read here might feel direct and strong, but it is backed up by our living experience. Some forms of the negativity have been outright vicious lies, while other forms are from people who genuinely did not resonate with this path. We have no issue with people of differing opinions; this letter is primarily meant to address the slander, distortion and lies.

In this world nobody is left without criticism, without exception. All the great people have been criticised, even Rama and Krishna! If Rama and Krishna were present today, they would also be criticised! You have to put up with it. There is no need to run away.

~ Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Concern For Our Times

We live in an age where people are free to write whatever they like online. This freedom of speech and expression has many benefits that are undeniable, and for which we are appreciative and grateful. However, at present, it also means that anyone can easily write or express anything they like, true or false, on the Internet. People can post anonymously or under false names, with very little possibility for their posts being challenged or removed regardless of how distorted, untrue or slanderous they are.

Woven into our collective consciousness is an ingrained belief that if you read it in print, it must be true. Being on the receiving end of this kind of attack has been a strong bite that we have actually come to appreciate. It has exposed a deep conditioning in all of us. We must admit that we also believed so many things that we read, heard or watched in the past about others that turned out to be false. A great saint in India said:

Take a mixture of sand and sugar. Be like the wise ant that only takes the sugar and leaves the sand untouched.

About the Lies and Slander

Some of us who know Moojibaba from the early days remember when he would say that there would come a time when his reputation will be attacked by people who are angry or disturbed by his presence. The same is true for any genuine voice that comes to bring light and Truth into the world. This is not unique to him or to anyone who stands up for Truth; it is as old as mankind. This is not the first nor the last we expect to see of such attacks toward us especially as Mooji’s teachings are broadening in the world.

However virtuous or well-intentioned we are as human beings we cannot avoid the natural challenges and mishaps that arise when many people come together to work for even the most noble cause. Mistakes will be made; they happen. God, life allows for that and it is unavoidable. There are those who wouldn’t accept this and adopt a perfectionist standpoint and of course their life will be strained by such rigidity. What matters is that we strive for harmony and learn from our errors. Like this, mistakes do not leave bad odours or dirty footprints inside the consciousness. Sahaja is no exception. But even with the clearing mist of hindsight, we see nothing that resembles the heinous lies levelled against our spiritual Master and our community.      

Mistakes can be made by anyone, however in the most vicious cases, we see that the lies were not innocent mistakes nor misunderstandings, but orchestrated attacks with the intention to slander or fabricate a scandal. The scope of some of the allegations are truly outrageous, including slanderous claims of abuse, preying on women, and running a destructive cult in Portugal.

The clear intention of these attacks is to cause harm to Moojibaba’s credibility as a teacher and to create doubt in the minds of those drawn to him. One clear and irrefutable example of this is that in these places where negative content was posted, whenever people posted their own positive and direct experience in response to the lies and slander, the posts were immediately deleted.

Moojibaba often reminds us that what people say about others or life is not necessarily what is true but rather what is portrayed by their own misconceptions and tendencies. Such people reveal only what is inside their own minds. We have seen that much of the negativity aimed at our Master comes out of jealousy, spite, prejudice, bad-mindedness and surprisingly, in the context of Satsang, the carnal mind’s fear of true freedom.

People take some small elements of truth and exaggerate and distort them with their own stories and lies. They post these lies online to support their own agenda. Some even do this to promote themselves and gain personal attention and fame. Moojibaba often says that a true seeker avoids the company of those who gossip. He reminds us that indulging in such habits is like spreading a cancer or virus inside any community.

For many years Mooji has lived in a hut in the centre of Monte Sahaja, in the very heart of his community. He is full-heartedly in service to the many people who come for spiritual advice and guidance. From morning till night, he is also fully dedicated to the various activities and projects of the ashram. His heart turns no one away. Moojibaba and the Sangha naturally have a beautiful and caring relationship with the local Portuguese community and the surrounding villages. If one feels to have a clear understanding of what is happening in Monte Sahaja, better to seek out the testimony of the many who have studied and lived with Moojibaba. Some testimonies are available online; you can see them here.

Dealing with Online Negativity

Being a relatively young Sangha devoted to the realisation of Truth and to supporting the work of Moojibaba, we were not skilled, accustomed to or well educated in addressing slander, rumour, and innuendo of such nature. We sought counsel and were advised to ignore the lies. However, in some cases we quietly explored legal action because we could not simply sit by and let such slanderous activity go unchallenged.

We respect the rights of those who are not attracted to Satsang with Mooji to express themselves. We do not expect that everyone can or will resonate with this path and it is not Moojibaba’s intention to attract more and more people. On the contrary, he recognises that only those who, by grace, feel naturally drawn to him and his teachings and pointing will find that Satsang is their door to freedom. They will have the strength, earnestness and resolve to face the various challenges that appear when a genuine seeker meets their spiritual Master. It is natural that some people will not resonate with his teaching. We have no disputes when it comes to personal preferences and opinions that are based on individual choice.

In Conclusion

This was a deliberate attempt to discredit Mooji and divide the Sangha. However, we found that it had the opposite effect—we grew more united, trusting in our own actual experience of the power and truth of who Moojibaba is and the spiritual wealth of the Sangha. We know the value and auspiciousness of what it is to have a living Master walk among us. We will continue to share the truth that continues to light our way.

History has shown that often those who bring light, pure love and a genuine opportunity to be liberated from ignorance and suffering have been persecuted.  We did not feel to give so much attention to anonymous voices shooting from the dark. Those of us who know Moojibaba and the Sangha can trust in our experience. But for those who have not yet met him or been touched by his teachings, they now will have to pass through a gate of discernment. It is likely that Internet negativity will continue as part of our present human culture. Each one will need to discern. Choose what is true and Truth for you.

Challenges will come from time to time on every seeker’s path. Mooji encourages each one to transform all difficulties into opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity. How often we have heard him say, ‘The wise man builds a house with the stones his enemies throw at him and lives happily in this house.’ How fitting these words are at the present time in human and spiritual evolution. Mooji encourages us to have faith and trust in God who he serves and who he regards as the all-pervading Source of all that exists. 

Those who have been touched by Mooji’s presence and wisdom in the heart should not be easily swayed by such shallow and baseless accusations but should refer back to their own heart’s testimony. Mooji encourages all to stand in the authority of their own seeing and direct experience. He says, ‘Strive to recognise and merge with your own true nature and Self. Here alone you transcend the pairs of opposites and exist beyond the world of praise and blame, supremely happy.’

As a Sangha the most important thing for us is that we continue to move in the very height of Moojibaba’s pointings. We continue to draw such powerful spiritual benefit from his presence and teachings. We know Moojibaba devotes his life to those in search of Truth. In fact, we witness that he serves all whom he meets with respect, openness and love. He lives a simple and humble life in front of all who live in and those who visit Monte Sahaja. There are thousands of people who will attest to the extraordinary beauty, power and love experienced in Moojibaba’s presence and Satsangs.

Today, Monte Sahaja is regarded by many visitors around the world as one of the most simple, authentic and spiritually infused places on the planet as its sole (soul) purpose is for awakening to universal consciousness.

May we continue to honour, without exception,
the one Truth which unites, inspires and uplifts us all.
May God bless and protect our beloved Master, Moojibaba.
May this great Sangha and, in fact, all humanity
continue to be blessed by God who is the Supreme Self.

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With love,
Mooji Sangha Team