Guru Meri Puja

Maheswari and Haridas


Guru Meri Puja (2016) is a devotional album of bhajans in veneration and praise to the Satguru – our inmost Being – the supreme Self.

With hearts overflowing with devotion, Maheswari and Haridas offer these original Sanskrit hymns imbued with a palpable power of love for the Divine. This music springs forth with the spontaneity and reverence born of the heart immersed in Truth. With Maheswari’s captivating vocals accompanied by Haridas’ tabla playing, we are transported into the very womb of life – the Satguru.

Tracks & Samples

01 Guru Meri Puja
Maheswari, Haridas, Mooji
(Lyrics) 13:42
02 Sahaja
Maheswari, Haridas, Mooji, Karuna
(Lyrics) 10:54
03 Hari Sundara Nanda Mukunda
Maheswari, Haridas, Mooji, Gaurav Raturi
(Lyrics) 06:59
04 Satguru Hai
Maheswari, Haridas, Mooji, Ashik Lynch
(Lyrics) 09:40
05 Mooji Baba
Maheswari, Haridas, Gaurav Raturi
(Lyrics) 06:49
06 Hanuman Chalisa
Maheswari, Haridas, Omkara, Karuna, Jairam
(Lyrics) 14:15

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