I Am That!

Remember This and Be Happy


I Am That! is a vibrant and uplifting celebration of Truth being discovered inside the heart. Witty, light-hearted and immensely joyful, Kamau’s music is a bliss arrow that shoots straight to the heart and infuses itself inside one’s entire body and being. A must listen!

These happy offerings are a blend of Indian, Afro-Caribbean and Virgin Island music styles, and take you on a lyrical and musical journey towards spiritual freedom in a playful way.

Mooji Mala —

You may easily find yourself moving in calypso-like rhythm while your heart fills up with a joy of the highest kind. This fresh and energising album from Kamau Georges—a prolific and highly gifted musician, songwriter and vocalist—is inspired and infused by the loving pointers of Moojibaba, Kamau’s spiritual mentor, whose spoken words of wisdom are featured throughout the album.

It is Kamau’s intention that his music will help you to begin your day smiling and dancing while being wonderfully reminded of your real nature and Being.

“This music is very fresh, direct and playful,
yet deep at the same time.
It is childlike and so full of happiness.
And Kamau is very much like this: his presence exudes love,
Truth and God’s joyous Grace.
May this refreshing music bring much happiness and
profound reflection and be a real gift to the world,
for it is full of joy, full of power, full of the love
and the light-filled spirit of Kamau.”
~ Mooji

Available on all major online platforms and on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis from the Mooji Sangha Shop.

I Am That was recorded and produced by Kamau Georges.
The spoken word by Mooji was recorded by Mooji’s team in Portugal.

Tracks & Samples

01 I Am That
featuring Mooji
(Lyrics) 4:20
02 Meeting Papaji
featuring Mooji
(Lyrics) 1:54
03 Inside a Satsang
(Lyrics) 6:09
04 Sahaja
featuring Mooji
(Lyrics) 3:12
05 Welcome to Sahaja
(Lyrics) 3:19
06 Good Morning
featuring Mooji
(Lyrics) 4:27
07 Song for Sadhana
(Lyrics) 4:17
08 Knocking from Inside
featuring Mooji
(Lyrics) 9:05

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