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Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space ~ Portuguese Language Edition

We are delighted that Editora Pergaminho has published this profound book of Mooji’s in Portugal. The beautiful Portuguese language edition, Mais Vasto do Que o Céu, Maior do Que o Espaço, is now available here:Editora PergaminhoSatsang Shop   About Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than SpaceThis book is for anyone who is searching for lasting happiness, peace, and love—for Truth or self-realisation. The teachings and insights offered are sublimely simple, for the method of self-inquiry is like looking into a mirror and recognising your timeless face. Rich in wisdom and insights, and filled with the openness, love and humour that Mooji exudes, Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space has the capacity to guide the reader into the direct experience of their true nature, while also addressing questions concerning our place in the world, relationships, family, work and difficulties in life. Drawing on direct experience and ancient spiritual wisdom, Mooji offers the master key to go beyond personal limitations and discover our essential being—revealing the lasting happiness, peace and love that are inherent in our natural being. You are invited to find out more here. MAIS VASTO QUE O CÉU, MAIOR DO QUE O ESPAÇO ~ EDIÇÃO PORTUGUESAEstamos muito felizes por a Editora Pergaminho ter publicado em Portugal este profundo e luminoso livro de Mooji. A edição portuguesa de Mais Vasto que o Céu, Maior do que o Espaço, está a partir de agora disponível aqui:Editora PergaminhoSatsang Shop  Sobre Mais Vasto que o Céu, Maior do que o Espaço Este livro é para todos aqueles que procuram a felicidade, a paz e o amor na sua expressão permanente; por outras palavras, a Verdade ou realização do ser. Os ensinamentos e as indagações oferecidas são de sublime simplicidade, uma vez que o método de auto-questionamento não é mais complexo do que olhar-se ao espelho e reconhecer o nosso rosto universal e atemporal. Fértil em sabedoria e introspeção, e pleno da abertura, do amor e humor que emana da presença de Mooji, Mais Vasto que o Céu, Maior do que o Espaço tem a capacidade de levar o leitor à experiência direta da sua verdadeira natureza e, em simultâneo, de responder às questões que resultam do lugar que ocupamos no mundo: relações, familia, trabalho, adversidades da vida.Baseando-se na sua experiência direta e na sabedoria espiritual ancestral, Mooji oferece a chave-mestra para transcender as limitações pessoais e descobrir o nosso ser essencial, revelando a felicidade, a paz e o amor permanentes que são a expressão inerente ao nosso ser natural. Convidamos-te a descobrir mais aqui.

Papaji Jayanti

Today we commemorate and celebrate the birthday of Sri H.W.L. Poonja, lovingly called 'Papaji', the spiritual master of Moojibaba. Salutations to you, beloved Papaji! Endless gratitude for your timeless presence and love, and for having revealed our spiritual master, Moojibaba to us. Through him, you continue to shower your grace upon us, and we come to experience the joy and beauty of true being. Om Sri Satguru Papaji ki Jai!


15 January, 1984 - 4 October, 2019. Our Beloved Claire,  We honour you and are in full gratitude for the time we were graced by God to share together here in Monte Sahaja these past three years. We honour your lightness, your boundless heart, your selflessness, and your dedication to your team members. We cherish those times in which we were together relishing your joy and your Irish wit. Your spirit is joy unbound. Even in difficult times, your presence touched us deeply and inspired us all to raise to higher levels within ourselves. We are still being showered in the blessings and grace of your pure presence.  We miss you and love you. You remain alive in our Hearts. ~ Claire had an illness with a cough, and developed difficulty breathing. On Friday, an ambulance was called to her in the local village. On the way to the hospital, her condition worsened and she stopped breathing. Despite the ambulance team’s efforts to resuscitate, she passed away at 5pm on 4 October, 2019.  The sangha of Monte Sahaja send all our blessings and prayers to Claire’s family. We continue to hold and to wrap ourselves around the heart of her beloved partner, Don, our sangha brother. We are also holding in our hearts her beloved family in Ireland with whom we are one in grief.

Hello Sahaja! Interviews

We are delighted to introduce Hello Sahaja! — a collection of insightful conversations with the team who support the worldwide sharing of Satsang with Moojibaba from Monte Sahaja.  Those interviewed on this page are among the many who through Satsang and the spirit of selfless service have changed in deep and profound ways. As many serve behind the scenes, we rarely have the opportunity to hear from all. We hope you enjoy and resonate with these few words from them.   Hello Sahaja! is part of a broader project called Voices from Satsang. This uplifting page offers interviews, talks and testimonials from people whose lives have been enriched by Satsang. We join them as they share their experience of participating in events around the world, visiting Monte Sahaja, and being and deepening in Satsang with Moojibaba. Welcome to Voices from Satsang and Hello Sahaja! Click here to watch. Much love,Mooji Team

Winter Rest | Open Satsangs in India

Following the Zmar Retreats in October, Moojibaba will be taking a break to rejuvenate and rest, and will also not be in Monte Sahaja for some of this time. The intention is to once again offer Open Satsangs in Rishikesh, India in February. More information will be posted soon (we advise not booking your travel until the details are posted). Thank you,Mooji Team

Audio Translation of the Invitation

The translation recordings of the Invitation guidance from the Rishikesh season are now available! These tracks were taken from a recorded live translation of ‘The Invitation’ (Track 5 from An Invitation to Freedom Audiobook) during the Rishikesh, India, Satsang season this year. Edited and re-worked, they offer this unique pointing in 12 languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese (Br), Italian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Hindi and Chinese. They are available on the Online Shop ( This simple yet profound guidance from Moojibaba has been one of the most effective tools in bringing us into the direct recognition of our timeless Being and true Self. Note: this is a translation of only Track 5 ‘The Invitation’ from An Invitation to Freedom Audiobook, not the entire Audiobook. With love, Mooji Team 

Silent Sitting with Moojibaba ~ Papaji Mahasamadhi

A powerful Silent Sitting with Moojibaba took place today on the Mahasamadhi of Sri Poonjaji (Papaji), Moojibaba’s Master. We are delighted to share this Sitting, which is also dedicated to Papaji.  Sri HWL Poonja ~ Papaji (13 October, 1910 - 6 September, 1997) Moojibaba expresses the profound understanding in his heart that came many years ago when he heard that his Master had left his body. ‘The Master does not die. It is the mister that dies. The Master, that eternal Satguru principle, alone is real,' reminding us at the outset of this beautiful sitting to find the eternal in ourselves. 'I am the consciousness, roaming to find the one in whom I can take rest. Will I find your house? Knowing what I am, I need no walls, I need no room. I am consciousness dancing inside my infinite freedom. Everything comes, everything goes. I remain the same, always. To know this is freedom; to doubt it, bondage.'  ~ Moojibaba The Silent Sitting can also be found on YouTube (Moojiji channel) and Mooji TV here.   With deepest reverence, gratitude and love to beloved Papaji and Moojibaba, Mooji Team

Extended Programs in Monte Sahaja

We are happy to share that applications are now open for the Winter Ashram Extended Stay program in Monte Sahaja. The Ashram Extended Stay is a seasonal residential program for those who wish to be immersed in the energy field of a living ashram that supports genuine Self-discovery. It is a beautiful opportunity to deepen in Satsang while engaging in daily ashram life.  It offers various opportunities to come to Sahaja between November and April, with a typical length of stay being 2.5 months. This program is for those who feel a deep resonance with Satsang and who have previously visited Monte Sahaja and have physically attended a retreat or intensive with Moojibaba.  Click here for more information about the Ashram Extended Stay program and how to apply. Applications for the Winter program close on 11 September, 2019.   With love,Mooji Team

Silent Retreat ~ 2nd Zmar ~ 19-26 October 2019

This 7-day residential Silent Retreat with Mooji is a potent opportunity to immerse yourself in the energy field of Satsang and genuine introspection in the presence of a great spiritual master.  Moojibaba introduces the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry and the Invitation, which is proving to be one of the most effective aids for true and lasting self-discovery. Through Moojibaba’s unsparing guidance, the unfading love, joy and peace that so many are searching for are revealed to be our very nature and Self.  Participating in a Silent Retreat with Moojibaba is a compelling invitation to all who are called to discovering this timeless Truth. Find out more in English here. Descubra mais em português aqui. Live translation in Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian will be available both at the event and for online participants.   Find out more about joining this Silent Retreat via Live Internet Broadcasting through Mooji TV. Much love, Mooji team

Photos with Mooji ~ Lisbon Intensive 2019

We are delighted to share the photo galleries from the Satsang Intensive with Mooji that took place in Lisbon in June, 2019. The photos are available on Photos with Mooji. Much love,Mooji Photo team 

Possible 2nd Zmar 19-26 October ~ Submit Interest

The 1st Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar (5 - 12 October) sold out within a few days of opening registration and we are aware that many more people would like to physically attend a retreat this year.  We are looking into the possibility of offering a 2nd Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar from 19 - 26 October. If you would like to attend, please submit your interest as soon as possible. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR INTEREST If a 2nd Zmar Retreat is confirmed we will announce it in early August. More information about attending a Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar can be found here. It is still possible to attend the 1st Zmar Retreat (5-12 October) from home via Live Internet Broadcast. More information about the Online Retreat can be found here. Much love,Mooji team

Happy Guru Purnima!

Guru Purnima is a day that is celebrated all around the world in gratitude for the immense blessing of the Guru. Guru means ‘the dispeller of darkness’, and such a one is a light unto this world. It is through the Guru’s wisdom and grace that this light is also revealed as our own Self, the same one Self in all, and brings us to true and lasting freedom. In celebration of Guru Purnima this year, we would like to share with you the Silent Sitting with Moojibaba that took place in Monte Sahaja this morning, as well as a Special Message from Moojibaba, and some beautiful photos of this joyous and auspicious day.  “We have come together today in celebration of the Beloved One—that which has introduced us to our very own Self, and who dwells in the heart of all beings. Jai Gurudev! This morning we sit in honour of that quintessential Truth and realisation, which is the highest opportunity and expression of human existence,to discover the origin of all existence—not as some far away place, but as the very core of our existence. That which is before all beginnings,That which is unchanged and unchanging throughout the play of the dynamic manifestation, That which remains the same after all endings,That which is to be found in your own heart beyond all our personal ideas of life and of who we are,the timeless One from whom you can never be apart. Jai Gurudev!”~ Moojibaba Guru Purnima 2019