Blessed Guru Purnima Day! Special Message from Moojibaba

What is the significance of Guru Purnima day? It is to be reminded of and be one with the inner guru, the Satguru inside our heart—the true heart of being. The Satguru is formless but appears with form only to remind us of the inner, eternal Satguru, our timeless and unborn Reality.

All that exists is only the Supreme Lord of the Universe; with form, he is known by various names but is ever the unchanging One. For those who contemplate, He is discovered as pure and formless awareness within. The true purpose and opportunity of the human experience is to discover this and find true and lasting freedom. Know that this is possible.

I love you all as my own Self.

I am only a humble servant. Of all forms of serving, the guru is the greatest servant, because it is with great joy that the guru sees and reveals how everything arises from the perfect source, plays as ignorance and diversity, and ultimately returns to the fullness of the heart—the source of all manifestation.

Though the guru is loved and honoured on this ‘special’ day, it must be said that the guru does not consider himself to be special or above anyone. In fact, he is the most normal, simple and humble being, for he is the most natural. He knows that as a person he has no independent reality and that his reality is only the one, true and all-encompassing Self. The true guru or teacher sees all as his own self and being. He encourages and urges his followers to understand, to discover and live this truth as their own reality.

It is a pleasure for me to bless this day and to say Happy Guru Purnima Day to all beings who can hear this.

I love you and love reminding you that you are worth much more than you could ever imagine. We are the ever pure, timeless and blissful awareness existence. It is a delight to love who and what you are and to discard what we are not. Not discard in some cynical way, but simply to turn away from what is seen to be unreal. Satsang exists for this and as this service to mankind. Satsang powerfully reminds and supports authentic self-discovery in every moment.

Turn your face and mind back to what is real—the Heart of pure Awareness—and be free.

My love is That—the timeless One we all are.

Om. Amen

~ Mooji