Welcome to the New Mooji TV Website

Mooji TV is truly the heart and home of Satsang with Mooji online and we are delighted to be able to offer this newly upgraded site with many wonderful features that are in full support of each one’s deepening in Satsang.

Mooji TV was created in 2014 as a way to share Satsang with those who are called to discover their true nature. The existing website served us very well for many years, however, we also heard from many of you about what you’d love to see on the site. Thank you to everyone who contributed, donated and offered their support along the way. It is truly a heart-project and we are happy to share some of the new features here, such as…

Inspiring new Collections that address powerful themes and topics that arise for many in Satsang, as well as much-loved series, heart-felt music offerings, and more…

There is an option to create a free Mooji TV account, which offers you the possibility to:

Mark talks as Favourites to create your own collection of talks that resonate deeply with you. They are saved to “My Library” so you can easily find them again.

Have a Watch History, so you know what you have seen before, and can also continue to watch from where you had previously stopped.

The new site is also mobile phone friendly, so it’s much easier to comfortably access Satsang in this way…

…and many of the talks have an audio-only option so you can listen when your internet is limited or when you are moving about.

We hope you find this new offering to be in full service to your Satsang and wish you all the best as you dive into the new Mooji TV website. Welcome and enjoy!

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Sahaja Express

Sahaja Express is an integral part of Mooji TV and has also been renewed to make it easier to find and save those talks that resonate most deeply. Sahaja Express is for Mooji’s earnest and dedicated students—many powerful and intimate talks are shared here, allowing us to walk alongside Moojibaba and move more deeply and swiftly into the ultimate realisation of the Self.

Sahaja Express will continue to share at least 12 potent new talks each month, and also has many new features such as Favourites, a Watch History and powerful Collections for those deepening in Satsang such as…

Sahaja Express is a wonderful resource to clarify and answer any questions and doubts that may arise as you deepen in your Satsang.

A 14-day free trial is available for new subscribers

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If you are an existing Sahaja Express subscriber, you can log into Sahaja Express using your Sangha Shop account. The same one account is now used for Sahaja Express, the Sangha Shop and Events.

Scholarships are available for those facing financial hardship.

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We very much welcome any questions or feedback you may have about the new Mooji TV & Sahaja Express website.

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May this new site continue to be in full service to all!