The Polar Star ~ New Music Album by Gotama

The Polar Star is a collection of 14 original piano solos by Gotama, all inspired and infused with the spirit of Satsang and is a true musical treasure.

This music emanates from a profound inner silence; the melodies and harmonies flowing effortlessly like a stream of clear water. Likewise, these deeply moving contemplations float and flow smoothly inside one’s own inner silence and being, the vast and unchanging witnessing core—the Polar Star of Being.

Mooji’s powerful spoken pointers accompany some of the tracks and beautifully complement Gotama’s melodic outpourings. His words guide the listening to deeper and deeper levels of introspection and resonance, calling us home to the ineffable source of all—the Lord Supreme. 

Gotama’s music is sought and loved not only for its incredibly beautiful musicality but also for his spiritual sensitivity and capacity to translate and convey deep contemplations into evocative melodies that are so sweetly resonant with the heart.


Available as a downloadable or CD in the Mooji Sangha Shop, where you can also find sample tracks. The CD comes with a beautiful printed booklet featuring stunning imagery, Mooji’s spoken word and handwriting. The album is also available on major music platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon.

This wonderfully contemplative video was created for The Dance of Being, one of the songs featured on this album. Please enjoy!