All the Satsang We Need to Have in Six Minutes

19 Feb, 2020 | 06:26

Satsang with Mooji
Chennai, India
5 February 2020

This short but rich encounter takes place as Moojibaba is arriving at the airport to catch a flight. Some Sangha members meet him at the airport and share what they have been finding through Mooji’s pointings. With little time to spare, Mooji’s words speak straight to the heart and reflect the quintessence of Satsang.

“Exercises like the Invitation — I call it the listening mirror, because are you’re listening, you’re looking, and you’re seeing that which cannot be seen. You’re coming to recognition of that which cannot be seen. And once it is discovered, at first you still keep some sense of a phenomenal identity, so I have to say for a while, ‘Stay here, remain like this.’

But as you stabilise in that discovery you find that, ‘But I am this! It cannot go anywhere.’

Once you have understood that experientially, you have crossed over. You have crossed back from a kind of death-life to life-life.”